RECRUITING: A true Texas Giant

Ian Symonette talks about his move to America from the Bahamas and interest in Oklahoma.


Talk about as player that certainly grabs your attention, Ian Symonette is one of the biggest players in prep football. And with his ability, he will be able to go just about anywhere he wants to go in college football. Symonette moved to Houston, Texas last year from the Bahamas, where he first learned how to play the American game.

"I played football in the Bahamas, but it wasn't high school or anything like they have here in American. I played in an adult league called the Caribbean American Football League. I was the youngest player (16) in the league and it was pretty rough. I was playing against guys that were anywhere from 20 to 40 years old. I played against several guys that were 22 to 24 years old that just came over there, and they were still in very good shape as they had just finished playing football in the states.

"When I moved to Houston I rally learned how to prepare for a season and the training was so much better. I had better coaching and just prepared for the season and the games so much better. I think the games were a little easier, but they were still pretty tough."

Symonette experienced tremendous frustration his first year playing organized ball in the United States. He tore his MCL the first game of the season, but taped it up and came back to play on it. He was playing very well when a player fell on his leg from behind and broke his left leg in the sixth game of the season.

"Last year was just a frustrating year for me because I couldn't stay healthy," said Symonette. "I have been working hard this off-season and both my injuries are completely healed. I will be totally healthy this fall."

Symonette can bench 300 pounds, squats 415 and when healthy he averages about 15 points per game for the basketball team. Symonette attended summer camps at Houston and Stephen F. Austin last summer, and he hopes to attend those two camps again plus a trip to Miami this summer.

Ian has been offered by LSU, Miami, Missouri, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Louisville, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Florida State, Florida and others.

"The recruiting process is a total learning experience for me," said Symonette. "I am looking for a school that can meet my expectations academically and that can promote me to the next level. I am looking for a school that can make me a better player, and who can do a good job of developing my skills to the highest level. I don't have a top five or anything, but I am learning more and more about recruiting and the schools that are recruiting me every day."

What are Ian's thoughts on OU?

"Oklahoma is one of the great schools that I am looking at," said Symonette. "They do a great job of putting players into the league and they have a great program. They do a good job developing their players and I will be looking hard at their school. They have a great program, one of the best in the country."

Symonette's GPA is in fine shape and he will take the test for the first time this weekend.

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