RECRUITING: Oklahoma DT offered by the best

Oklahoma City DT Gerald McCoy is piling up some impressive offers, so is he still high on OU?

Gerald McCoy, DT, 6'5, 290, OKLAHOMA CITY (SOUTHEAST HS), OK:

JH: The first time we talked was in early May, so what have you been doing athletically since them?

GM: "I have been lifting weights, running and working out in track. Here recently, I got second in state in the Class 5A shot put (50'6 ½). I scratched at 53 inches, which still would not have won the meet, but it would have broken our school record. We are power-lifting in the weight room and I am just doing a workout to improve my overall strength. I am getting stronger, but I don't have any numbers I can give you."

JH: Did you go to any spring games or any camps since we talked last?

GM: "I went to the OU spring game and to the TCU camp. They ranked me the No. 2 overall player at the camp."

JH: What did you think of the OU spring game?

GM: "It was pretty good. Since the game was on TV they weren't trying to show anybody what they wanted to do. They were holding back and just doing what they had to do. Anybody could be watching and OU didn't want to show them anything. Other than that, it was real good. I enjoyed hanging out on the field and talking to Tommie Harris and a few other players."

JH: I know for the last few weeks you have had several college coaches come by and see you. What is that like and what head coaches have been in to see you?

GM: "It is real fun to see all these great coaches. Sometimes you get nervous because they come by when I am lifting weights. So, I try to do a great workout when they are watching. They can't talk to me, but they give me a nod and a smile, which is all that they can do. They can say hello and that is it. Most of them come by and say hello and then shake my hand and say nice to meet you. The only head coaches that I have seen at my school have been Mike Gundy at OSU and Charlie Weis of Notre Dame."

JH: How many scholarship offers do you have now?

GM: "I have 14 offers and I think I just got another one from Alabama. I am not sure if that one has come in or not."

JH: What offers have you received since we talked?

GM: "Lately I have received offers from Miami, USC, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and Houston."

JH: Is everybody recruiting you as a defensive tackle?

GM: "Everybody is recruiting me as a defensive tackle."

JH: Refresh my memory, who offered you early?

GM: "OU, OSU, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, LSU and Texas Tech were the first schools to offer me."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU at this time?

GM: "They are real impressive with me right now. They are not falling out of the race at all, they are hanging in there. They just keep impressing me more and more."

JH: Does the fact that OU is just 20 minutes up the road mean anything to you in recruiting?

GM: "Not really. Schools can be 20 minutes from you and still not be what you want. OU is one of the top programs in the nation, so the fact they are that close and that good is a good thing for me."

JH: What is important to you in recruiting?

GM: "I want to see how things are on the depth chart. I don't necessarily have to play as a freshman, but I don't want to wait for a chance to play until I am a junior and senior. Everybody has to pay your dues, but sometimes you get an Adrian Peterson or a Tommie Harris, who comes in and plays right away. If I don't do that, then that is fine. But I don't want to wait forever either. I want a school with a winning history, and it is important that the school I choose has a good academic program in Child Care and Development."

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