RECRUITING: Minnesota PG has Oklahoma ties

Sooners pursuing point guard from one of the nations top high school teams


JH: How is your season going?

"I am averaging 21.2 points, 7.6 assists and five rebounds a game. I am a combo guard, but I am being recruited as a combo guard. I feel comfortable at both the point and the shooting guard position. As a team we are 21-3 and ranked number one in the state and most national polls have us in the top 10.

JH: Have you been traveling some to play the top-ranked national teams?

"We have played in Chicago and Milwaukee, and we played a team from New York at the Target Center and beat them by 20."

JH: How many years have you started?

"I have been a starter for three years and I have played the same position the last three years. As a junior I averaged 18.3 points and five assist per game."

JH: Did you play with OU forward Johnnie Gilbert, who also went to your high school?

"It was nice to play with Johnnie. He was very a dominant player down low and he was very athletic. He was very athletic around the basket, where he could get rebounds and put them back in."

JH: Who do you like in recruiting right now?

"I like Auburn, Oklahoma, UTEP, Bowling Green and Northern Iowa. I am really looking to leave the state and I have been offered by Bowling Green and Northern Iowa thus far."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

"My thoughts are good about Oklahoma. Assistant coaches Ray Lopes and Jim Shaw both came up to see me and Coach (Kelvin) Sampson will be up in a couple of weeks."

JH: How long have you been interested in Oklahoma?

"I have been interested in OU since they were recruiting Johnnie. OU has been recruiting me since my sophomore year when Johnnie was a senior. OU has been sending me material since my sophomore year and I have been receiving letters from them. I knew that OU would be recruiting me."

JH: Do you have a favorite at this time?

"No, I don't have a favorite at this time. I am wide open and I know once I start taking visits that things will start developing for me."

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