RECRUITING: Top Texas receiver lists his top five

Talk about an athlete. There may not be a better pure athlete in Texas that Terrell Reese, and that was proven out this weekend at the Scout Combine in Waco, Texas.


Terrell Reese is one of those types of players that whenever you see him in person in any kind of athletic activity, you just say WOW.

Talk about an athlete. There may not be a better pure athlete in Texas, and that was proven this weekend at the Scout Combine in Waco, Texas. What is even more amazing, is that Reese has fully recovered from ACL surgery to the point that he is quickly climbing the wide receiver charts across the country.

"I hurt my knee in the third game of the year last September and I had surgery on October 29," said Reese. "I worked real hard to get back before the end of basketball season. I think I could have played, but my doctor would not release me. I really think I could have played and I wish the doctor had released me. I worked hard in rehab and also did drills on my knee when I got home and I think that help me get back quicker.

"My knee is back 100 percent and I have total confidence in it. I tore my ACL cutting off a run too soon. When I was cleared I went out and ran that same cut with no problem. I have been doing everything normal every since."

Reese began his career at Pflugerville High where he starred as a sophomore at receiver and safety. Reese transferred to Hendrickson High his junior year and started at quarterback working out of the shotgun before his knee injury.

"I hurt it on a quarterback counter where I had to jump over a tackler and I felt something pop," said Reese. "I actually scored on a 35-yard run the very next play and just thought I had a slight sprain or something. I put ice on it and played the rest of the first half. I started out the second half and we were on defense, and from my safety position I made the first two tackles of the second half, but on the third one I went in for a tackle and my knee gave out on me."

Reese can bench 265 pounds and he posted a 36-inch vertical jump at the Scout combine. Reese starts in hoops at small forward where he averaged 14 points per game his sophomore season.

Reese runs the relays in track where he has split a 21.0 in the 4X200 (anchor) and a 50.0 in the 4X400 (second) relay's. Jerrell's brother Joseph (sophomore) is also outstanding in track where he won the regional 100-meter title in a time of 10.4. Fighting off an ankle injury, Joseph finished fifth in the state Class 4A state meet in a time of 10.5.

The Waco combine was the first of its kind for Reese, who is still talking to his family about over going to some camps this summer, including the Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas camps.

"I have been offered by Arizona, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and today Oklahoma offered me," said Reese. "I have my eye on Oklahoma and Texas, of course," said Reese. "Since I was in the sixth grade I have been a big fan of Nebraska and I have a big interest in them. I would say that OU, Texas, Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Arizona are the schools I kind of like right now."

What are his thoughts on Oklahoma.

"I have also been watching Oklahoma most of my life," said Reese. "I have always liked how hard Oklahoma plays and how they always seem to win championships. They have a real good coaching staff and an exciting offense. Oklahoma is one of the schools that I have always liked."

Terrell will still get some action at quarterback next season, but will mostly play receiver, while his brother Joseph will start at running back.

Reese has his GPA, but he doesn't take his ACT test until mid-June.

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