RECRUITING: Georgia OL puts the Hurt on defenders

Do the Sooners have a shot for mammoth Georgia offensive lineman Maurice Hurt?


Maurice Hurt is so dominant at the line of scrimmage that he looks like a road grater tearing through the defensive line. On just about every play, he destroys the man in front of him, in back of that man and then he always tries to find a safety to top things off. In fact, Hurt has been so big and talented for so long that he started as a true freshman at left tackle.

"As a true freshman I already weighed 310, but it was very hard to play offensive line that young," said Hurt. "Those defensive linemen knew that I was a freshman and they came after me pretty hard. I am proud of the fact I held my own, and by the end of the year I was more than holding my own. I have learned how to work since that year and I have improved, so things have become a little bit easier for me. But I still face great competition every week."

As a sophomore and junior, Hurt lined up at right tackle and he also played some defensive last year. This season Hurt will double at right tackle and defensive tackle on a full-time basis. Hurt can bench 320 pounds, squats 500 and he has posted a 22-inch vertical jump.

"I don't have a favorite between run or pass blocking," said Hurt. "I like to use my strength and quickness in run blocking, but I like to move my feet and pass block."

Hurt attended a camp at Georgia just a couple of weeks ago and also went to Georgia's mini-camp last year. He also attended the Florida and Kentucky linemen camps last year. Recently, Hurt attended Georgia Tech's junior day, Georgia's spring game, an unofficial visit to Florida and then topped things off at Alabama's junior day. Hurt has been offered by 12 schools at this point and right now he is just enjoying the recruiting process.

"I really don't have any favorites right now," said Hurt. "I plan on taking a couple more unofficial visits and then try to get my decision down to a top five. I am not going to be able to visit all the schools that have offered me right now, so I am going to have to come up with information some other way. I am trying to give everybody a chance right now and then try to get my choices down to five. I have been offered by LSU, Oklahoma, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Alabama, Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina and Florida."

What are his thoughts on Oklahoma?

"What can I say? They are Oklahoma," said Hurt. "They are one of the top programs in the country and I am going to try to get out and take an unofficial visit at Oklahoma. If I can, then I am going to take an official visit there for sure. If I can't get out on the unofficial, I might take an official visit there anyway because they are that good of a program."

Hurt has qualified and he hopes to graduate in January so that he can go through spring football where ever he signs.

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