RECRUITING: Long, Sooners get their man

Putnam City North quarterback Sam Bradford says meeting with Bob Stoops and Chuck Long (pictured above) sealed helped secure his commitment. See inside for more quotes from Bradford on his verbal to Oklahoma.


JH: When I talked to you last week I could tell you liked OU, but I didn't expect you to commit to them so soon?

SB: "My parents and I went down to see Coach Stoops and Coach Long for two hours yesterday. They showed me everything and then I had a couple of questions to ask them. They pretty much answered every question that I had about the program. After I heard what they had to say and I saw what OU was all about, I knew that was the place for me. Like I told you before, I grew up an Oklahoma fan and my dad played there. I have always wanted to play there, so I didn't see any reason to wait any longer."

JH: Was the deciding factor for the fact that you got a chance to meet Coach Stoops and Coach Long?

SB: "The fact that I got to know them a little bit, and then Coach Long gave us his background and he said that he wanted to stay there. Coach Stoops and Coach Long both said that they were going to be here for a while. They both admitted that they have had opportunities to leave, but they like living in Norman and they like coaching at Oklahoma. I also think my personality and Coach Long's personality are a lot alike. I think we are going to get along pretty well."

JH: I believe that you will be the only quarterback the Sooners sign in this class. That has to make you feel good that you were the quarterback that they really wanted?

SB: "I feel good about that and that was another big thing in my decision. I originally was supposed to go down there early in the summer, but after they saw me throw I think they wanted me to get to Norman as soon as possible. When we met they said that I was the guy they really wanted. And that was some more reassurance, that I was the only quarterback that they really wanted. That was a key thing in me committing early."

JH: Are you glad you get the recruiting process over?

SB: "Yeah, I guess the whole recruiting thing is fun for a while, but after a few weeks it gets old and stressful. I have always wanted to go to OU, and now having that opportunity in my heart is good to have that out of my way."

JH: Are you playing basketball in New Orleans?

SB: " Yeah, I am playing with Athletes First. Keith Clark is on my team and he committed to OU just a couple of days ago. Now we are just working on Obi (Muonelo). I really have no clue what he is thinking, but he says it would be cool to play with us at OU. However, you really never know what Obi is thinking. I start along with Keith, Blake Griffin, Obi and Eric Johnson."

JH: Is this your last year you play organized basketball?

SB: "Yeah, this will be my last year to play basketball."

JH: Obviously the fact that OU has a couple of well known quarterbacks on their roster doesn't seem to bother you?

SB: "You are going to run into great quarterbacks no matter where you go. At a school like OU you will have competition. I just want to come in and compete for that starting spot when I get there. I know that the quarterbacks will be separated by a year or so, but I just want the opportunity to compete for the job as soon as I can."

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