Huggins: "I'm coming, Oklahoma"

Oklahoma wide receiver signee Eric Huggins talks about his summer arrival date in Norman, who will be his roommate at OU and his hopes for early playing time.

6-foot-4, 190-pound wide receiver Eric Huggins from Conway, S.C. is one of the freshman receivers that may have a chance to earn playing time for the Sooners this season.

OU Insider contributor Tony Sellars talked with him about his chances to contribute this year.

TS: Are you set up and ready to start classes and workouts in Norman?

EH: Yes sir, I'll be there when classes start on June 6 and when the workouts start.

TS: What have you heard about what to expect when the workouts begin?

EH: I've heard they're tough. I've heard Coach Schmidt don't play and after meeting him, I can tell he don't play. I'll just have to step up and show them I'm ready to go.

TS: Coach Long has said that there is a possibility for one of the freshmen receivers to come into the rotation right away this fall. What does that do to get you excited about the fall?

EH: The one thing that's going to do is make me work harder. I need to work harder where I am now and I'm going to keep working hard when I get there. It's going to be a lot tougher competition than what I saw in high school. I mean, there's so many good players on the team, everybody's good. Everybody's fighting for their position, so I'm just going to try my best.

TS: What do you think you're going to have to show the coaches right away in order for them to consider you in their receiver plans for this fall?

EH: I'm going to show them that I'm a hard worker and I'm not going to give up no matter what they try to do. I'm going to be there, I won't miss any practice. I'll be there every day. As a matter of fact, I might be there early every day, doing stuff on my own, trying to improve.

TS: Have you had any conversations with the other receivers who are coming in, like Malcolm Kelly?

EH: As a matter of fact, Malcolm is going to be my roommate. It was going to be him or Reggie Smith because Reggie lives about 20 minutes from OU. It would have given me a place to go because I couldn't go home living so far away in South Carolina. But then, I got together with Malcolm, and we wanted to be roommates so bad. He doesn't live too far away, I could go home with him when we had some time off. So it's all good. We're real excited about it.

TS: That's interesting. You two are probably going to be battling for that fourth wide receiver spot.

EH: We might.

TS: What are you looking forward to the most when you arrive in Oklahoma?

EH: I want to see just how good our team is going to be this year. You know, because we lost all those receivers and there will be a new quarterback. I want to see what this year's team will be like with all these new receivers and new quarterback. I'm also excited about seeing all the crowds and finding out what that's going to be like.

TS: Have you played in any All-Star games this spring?br>
EH: Yes, I played in the Shrine Bowl between North Carolina and South Carolina. It was packed. It was crazy. I loved the Shrine Bowl. I used to be scared, because if you had a big crowd, I used to focus more on the crowd. But now it's like, I don't even see them anymore. Things went real good because we beat North Carolina and we usually don't. I had three or four catches for 50 yards. It was tough because our defense kept intercepting passes and running them back. The offense didn't get as much of a chance.

TS: What has life been life in South Carolina since signing day? I know there's a lot of excitement about Steve Spurrier coming there. Do you still get grief about coming to Oklahoma?

EH: Everything's been cool. Nobody's been talking to me, nobody's been like ‘Why ain't you coming to South Carolina?'. Everybody's happy for me now, everybody has gotten over it. It was kind of interesting because Spurrier's son (former OU wide receiver coach Steve Spurrier Jr.) had come down three or four weeks ago looking at us working on our weights, because the running back at my high school is going to play inside receiver there. So he was checking him out. But everybody's good with my decision now, everybody is sticking with me.

TS: Do you have any message for the Oklahoma fans that are looking forward to seeing you in action this fall?

EH: I'm coming, Oklahoma. I'll be there to support all y'all and do what you want me to do.

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