Reynolds: "We believe in what's going on at OU"

Herndon, Va. guard Scott Reynolds talks about his verbal to Oklahoma and the Sooners current class with Keith Clark and Damion James. Reynolds is currently ranked as the 39th best rising senior prospect in the nation by

Six-foot-one guard Scott Reynolds from Herndon, Va. committed to Oklahoma in April and has been busy trying to help the Sooners recruit other top high school players for the 2006 class. Reynolds, who averaged 33 points a game as a junior, talked with OU Insider Contributor Tony Sellars about his upcoming summer schedule and about his future with the Sooners.

TS: You're headed to San Diego next week to play for USA Basketball in the International Sports Festival. That has to be an exciting opportunity.

SR: Yes, there are three teams from the U.S. and other teams from around the world. It's good to get nominated and Damion James (another OU commitment) is going to be out there, too, so it's good to be considered up there with other guys from around the country and get a chance to prove to the guys you can play the game and contribute.

TS: Speaking of Damion, he's already being talked about as a possible NBA prospect next year. I know he was a big part of your decision to come to OU and vice versa. What's your opinion about where he stands with that?

SR: Me and Damion talk all the time, we probably talk twice a week. Whatever Damion does, it's his decision now. I'll stick with him, because me and him are kinda of like brothers. I think he feels the same way, that we're basically like family, so whatever decision he makes, whether he wants to test the NBA waters, I'm going to be backing him 100 percent. But as far as him coming to OU, and Keith Clark, those are a couple of athletic big guys, 6-8, 6-9, that can run the floor and can defend smaller guards and power forwards. I'm really excited about what we have right now and we're looking to get another wing out there.

TS: Besides the festival, what are your other plans for the summer, as far as basketball is concerned?

SR: I'm going up there (New Jersey) for the ABCD camp again this year and Damion is going up there again and I'm really excited about that. Damion's excited about that, too. Hopefully, we can play on the same team, and represent Oklahoma basketball. After the ABCD, I'm going to the Peach Jam (July 12-15) in Augusta, Ga., then I'm going to the Showcase down in Florida and then stay down there for the AAU Nationals. So July is a big month for my team and myself.

TS: Talk a little about your decision to commit to the Sooners so early. Was it your intention to make your college choice that early all along?

SR: At first, in the beginning, I was going to wait for awhile and then OU came around and they were working me real hard. Basically, when Damion committed, actually we played them a week before he committed at the Boo Williams championship game and said I want to play with you guys. He called me Monday and we talked a little bit and then I committed because I felt like we got a guy that can run up and down the floor and a guy that wants to push the ball. He's big and can run, he's unselfish, just like me, so I felt that we had a good package right there to get other players to come play with us. I ended up talking to Keith – once we all talked at the same time – and a week later he committed. We believe in what's going on at OU. I think we're going to bring some excitement.

TS: What have you seen of Keith Clark's game?

SR: I played against him last year in Florida at the AAU tournament and the first thing I said was ‘This guy's a leaper'. He can do a lot of things to beat you. He can push the ball up, he can shoot the jumper, and he's big and strong. Players like Keith, that's who I want to be playing with, and along with Damion and myself, that's a pretty good start. But we're still trying to get some more players to come.

TS: You're right around the top 40 players in the country and considered one of the top shooters overall. What do you think about that rating, and how would you assess your skills?

SR: It's good to be up there. I think they focus a little bit too much on my shooting ability and don't look at the other things I can do. I like to push the ball up the court; I like to play an up-tempo type of game. If you run the floor, I will get you the rock, give you the ball for a basket or layup or to spot up for a three. I'm very unselfish in that aspect. I like a big man that runs the floor and I like to reward him the best I can. That's the type of game I like to play. I'm playing for my AAU team on the wing, running the floor role more than the point for them, but on my high school team, that's what I like to do. I can definitely play the point.

TS: What impressed you about Oklahoma and the players that are there and the style that they play?

SR: First of all, Coach Sampson and his staff are real dedicated to making everybody better, trying to win a championship. They're just real hard workers. I want to be the best that I can be. That's first and foremost. Not just one guy, just two guys, they want everybody to be the best. So you know you're going to work hard with everybody and that's including the staff, which I believe is one of the best in the country as far as making everybody better and trying to put together a team that can compete each and every game. As far as their style, sometimes you might not have the players to run, you have to work around what you have. I watched OU a bunch of times this year and I saw them run the floor. I like how Taj (Gray) runs the floor and (Kevin) Bookout and Taj complement each other well. They are starting to run up-tempo a little bit. If Coach Sampson wants to run up-tempo, he's going to get up-tempo kind of guys, and with me, Keith and Damion, he's got that. You add (David) Godbold, Longar Longar, Austin Johnson and Nate (Carter), all those guys, I'm sure they want to run and get easy buckets.

TS: I know the fans are excited about you coming to Norman, although it's still a year and a half away. I wish you a lot of success this summer and in your upcoming season.

SR: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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