RECRUITING: "How can I not like Oklahoma a lot?"

Oklahoma City, Okla. DT Gerald McCoy talks about recruiting and his recent tript to Norman.


JH: I saw you in Norman again today with your mom (Patricia). How did you enjoy your day in Norman?

GM: "I went in and talked to Coach Stoops a little bit and then I went down to watch the freshman practice, so that was cool. They really didn't give me a tour of the facilities, but I did get to watch the freshman test today. That was pretty cool."

JH: You have now talked to Coach Stoops, Coach Shipp and the other coaches many times over the last several months. Have the type of conversations changed over time?

GM: "Yeah, it is starting to get more personal because they are starting to get to know me and I am starting to get to know them. They ask about my family and they know what I am doing this summer. Before, it was just introductory talk, but now we get into some conversation away from football."

JH: You have some great offers from some of the top teams in college football. What is the most important factor you'll look at when selecting a school?

GM: "Playing time is important to me and how the coaches treat the players. I want to play for a coach that cares about his players and who always wants the best for his players. The facilities are also important to me, and the campus environment."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

GM: "It is the same thing. They are the No. 2 team in the nation and they are one of the best teams in the country. They are a powerhouse team and they are right down the street. How can I not like Oklahoma a lot? I mean, it is really simple really. I can't help but like Oklahoma?

JH: Have you started to narrow down your choices any at all at this point or do you have a favorite or a top two or three?

GM: "No, I really don't at this point. It is all the same. I have been offered by OU, OSU, Kansas, Kansas State, LSU, Iowa State, Colorado, Missouri, Miami, USC, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Houston. I am still waiting to see what happens with some other schools."

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