RECRUITING: Nelson gives OU trip high marks

Arlington, Texas cornerback Jonathan Nelson gives Sooners high marks after unofficial trip.


JH: You recently took a one-day unofficial visit to OU. What did you think about Norman?

JN: "I really like the coaches. They are real great guys. The facilities at OU were amazing."

JH: You were there just one day weren't you?

JN: "I was just there one day."

JH: Who showed you around?

JN: "I was shown around by Coach Bob Stoops himself and Coach Bobby Jack Wright. It was a lot of fun being shown around by Coach Stoops and Coach Wright. They were just talking to me as people and having a good time. I realize how great they are as coaches, but if you didn't know who they were you wouldn't know that they were any big deal. They were both very down to earth."

JH: What did you find out about OU on your visit that you didn't know before?

JN: "I found out that my defensive coordinator at my high school uses most of their defensive schemes right now. He knows their staff well and uses the same defensive schemes, but just changes the names of the defenses. If I went to OU, I wouldn't have to learn a whole know defense."

JH: Now that you have visited OU, what are your thoughts on recruiting?

JN: "I am going to narrow down my choices soon, but I am not sure when. I know for a fact that OU is going to be very high on my list."

JH: Does OU's lack of depth at cornerback appeal to you at all?

JN: "That does appeal to me. I don't want to go to a school where they have a bunch of guys who are one year older than me, and where I would be sitting the bench for several years."

JH: Are you going to take any other unofficial visits?

JN: "Yes sir, I am probably going to go Texas Tech and Texas A&M."

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