RECRUITING: Maryland LB making summer visits

Is Oklahoma on the flight schedule for Gaithersburg, Maryland linebacker Bani Gbadyu?


JH: What are you doing this summer?

BG: "I am helping my dad work this summer. He holds down two jobs for us and I work in a restaurant, and with my money I buy groceries for us and put some money back for our trips. He takes care of the rest of the expenses for us.

"I work on football during the week and do all kinds of drills. I am working on my hands because I may also pay wide receiver, running back and maybe even quarterback. On the weekends, I am doing a lot of stretching exercises and working on my body to make it more limber and more flexible.

"Right now I think my body is stiff, but I realize that it is pretty good. I want to get my speed down. I want to become a 4.4 guy who weighs 220. I will do whatever it takes naturally to get my body into the best shape I can get."

JH: Where do you plan to take your unofficial visits?

BG: "I am going to visit Clemson, N.C. State, Virginia, Penn State and Ohio State within the next week. I am going to fly up to LSU, Nebraska and Oklahoma in the month of July."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you?

BG: "Some schools are recruiting me harder than others and some new schools are talking about offering me. I am waiting to see if Miami is going to offer because they are a great program and that might change everything. Not that I would commit there or anything, but they are a great program and I would have to consider them. Maryland just called my coach today and asked him if they offered would they have a chance. So, I am trying to think through things and am not in any hurry."

JH: Who are the main schools that you are considering?

BG: "I still have 12 schools that I am looking at. They are LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Boston College, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Tennessee, Clemson and Georgia. I wouldn't say that I would have a leader at this point. I can't place these teams in an order right now.

"I know that I have said that I like LSU. What I was trying to point out is that LSU is recruiting me very hard and that has grabbed my attention. But that doesn't mean that I am ready to commit to them. People shouldn't try to read too much into what they read sometimes or anything.

"I am still considering a lot of things like atmosphere, coach's relationship, how many linebackers they have and what kind of program they have. By the time summer is over, I hope to have my choices down to 10 schools or less and then go from here."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

BG: "Wow, what a school. They have a lot of tradition and they had my role model linebacker in Teddy Lehman. Coach Venables told me his story and that I would have a chance to play the same position. That really appeals to me. I would enjoy playing under Coach Venables because he cares about his players and he knows how to develop linebackers. He is very close to his players and I want to play for somebody like that.

"They win National Championships because they have played in three of the last five. Bob Stoops is one of the best coaches out there and I know he is going to keep that tradition going."

JH: You say that you are looking at the depth chart, so does the fact OU doesn't have a lot of scholarship linebackers on their team appeal to you? Would that appeal to you with any team?

BG: "That makes me smile, knowing that they don't have a bunch of linebackers on campus. I am big on playing time, and knowing that I would have a chance to play early is what I really want. I could find both of that at Oklahoma.

"I am looking forward to going there and see if it is a good fit for me. Coach Venables is already watching film and telling me how I can be better. I can't wait until I can get there and see what they are about."

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