RECRUITING: Texas OL delaying decision?

Corsicana, Texas OL Cory Brandon says he wants to be a Sooner, but his mother has other plans.


JH: The last time we talked you said you had to talk to your mom about committing to OU. Have you made your decision?<
br> CB: "I have made it, but my mom hasn't. She has told me to check out some more schools, and I said OK."

JH: Have you decided that you want to go to OU?

CB: "Yes, I have decided to go to Oklahoma but my mom wants me to look around some more. She has asked me to do it for her."

JH: Does she not like OU or does she just want you to make sure you are making the right decision?

CB: "She just wants me to be sure."

JH: Which schools does she want you to check out?

CB: "She wants me to check out the rest of the Texas schools. I think she wants me to stay in Texas."

JH: Has your mom been insistent about you visiting other schools?

CB: "I told her I would do it for her because she just keeps asking and asking."

JH: Do you think she will give up and let you go to OU?

CB: "I hope she gives in and lets me sign with OU."

JH: Do you think you can visit any school that you will like as much as you like OU?

CB: "I don't think I will find any school even close to OU."

JH: I heard a rumor that you mom likes Texas A&M. Is that true?

CB: "Yeah, she likes Texas A&M because her boss' brother works there."

JH: Does shoe know anything about OU football?

CB: "She doesn't watch football, so she doesn't know."

JH: Do you tell her about OU football?

CB: "I talk to her when she gets off work and she comes home."

JH: What is it exactly that she wants you to do?

CB: "She wants me to look at least at two more schools. I know one is Texas Tech because I have a friend that goes to Tech, but I am not that interested in Tech. I already went to Texas A&M. They were the first school that I looked at. I didn't really like Texas A&M. The other might be Texas because she wants me to look at Texas, but they haven't shown much interest in me. So, I don't know who my other Texas school would be. Maybe after I go and visit Tech they will count as my second school because I have already visited A&M, and she will be OK with that."

JH: When are you going to visit Texas Tech?

CB: "I don't know when I am going to Texas Tech. My coach is going to take me and I am not sure right now when he can go."

JH: Do you think you will eventually sign and commit to OU?

CB: "I think so."

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