Offseason Football Notebook 6/16

DeMarcus Granger is just one of several freshmen to impress so far in OU's offseason workouts.

As the freshman go through their first couple of weeks under OU Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jerry Schmidt, it is apparent that they are very talented and very athletic.

Big men DeMarcus Granger and Brian Simmons have been impressive. OU defensive ends Brody Eldridge and Auston English are very athletic and did well in every test. I have no times, but they were very impressive.

The three linebackers — Ryan Reynolds, Curtis Lofton and Lamont Robinson did well in testing, especially in the shuttles and short burst events, which are important for linebackers.

None of the three have Teddy Lehman speed, but who does? All three have much better than average speed for linebackers and each will play and look like Oklahoma linebackers.

Reggie Smith, Brian Jackson, Manuel Johnson and Malcolm Kelly were the fastest anywhere from 4.48 to 4.51 on grass. Nic Harris is a moose and looks like a million dollars. He ran a very solid 4.58 to 4.6. The details are always sketchy at this time of year and we only hear tidbits.

Also, Conway, S.C. receiver Eric Huggins left home last night and should be working out in Norman tomorrow or on Friday.

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