RECRUITING: Florida center will visit Norman

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. center Dan Wenger talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.


Daniel Wenger is one of the very best pure centers in the country, if not the best.

"I try not to get the big head when people tell me that I am the best center in the country," said Wenger. "I don't know how people would know that. We haven't played our senior season yet, so that should still be determined on the field. I just try to stay real humble about it and try not to worry about it. I still have to go out every game and play the best I can. If I do that, then the way people judge me will be positive. Those kinds of honors ave to be judged by other people, not by me."

Wenger will be a three-year starter at center at one of the best prep football programs in the state of Florida, yet he is still trying to master the position.

"I don't know all the tricks. I still make mistakes in the game," said Wenger. "I have trouble with certain things just like everybody else. I have certain weaknesses and certain strengths. I don't think I have mastered the position yet, but I am doing my best to get to that point."

He can bench 275 pounds bench five times and can squate 385 five times. Wenger attended the Rutgers camp in Florida last year and he took an unofficial visit to Florida.

Wenger also lines up in the same offensive line with fellow prep All-American's Sam Young and Marcus Gilbert, forming part of what quite possibly could be the very best prep offensive line in the country.

"Yeah, we are definitely a good group," said Wenger. "Most of the time in high school you have one guy who is a standout in the offensive line, but in my situation we have three. Sam and Marcus are real good players and we have a pretty good group. When we play together we are a pretty good offensive line."

Wenger has received between 25 and 30 offers, but he is still trying to learn about all of them.

"I am doing some research and trying to figure out some things on my own," said Wenger. "I am trying to learn different things about different schools, like who they are losing in the offensive line and who they have signed in the last couple of years. I am trying to find out about their center positions and who they will have on their roster after this year.

"Some of the top schools that I am looking at are Florida, Duke, Oklahoma, LSU, Penn State, Ohio State and Pittsburgh, and there are many others."

What are his thoughts on Oklahoma?

"They are one of those schools that I need to check out," said Wenger. "I need to find out what they have at my position and see what their depth situation is. Coach (Kevin) Wilson seems interested in me, and they have offered. They are always a powerhouse and always one of the top teams in the country, and they are putting together some good offensive lines. I can't take an unofficial visit out there, but I will take an official visit there."

Wenger has qualified.

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