RECRUITING: Talented Texas CB visits Norman

Houston, Texas defensive back Mister Alexander talks about his one-day visit to Norman as well as his father's thoughts on the Sooners.


JH: You took an unofficial visit to OU on Friday. What were your thoughts the visit?

MA: "It was a good school, but I doubt I will go there."

JH: What was it that you didn't like about OU?

MA: "There was nothing that I didn't like about it, but my dad doesn't want me to go there. He doesn't want me to go anywhere in the Big 12."

JH: Why does he not like about the Big 12?

MA: "I really don't know. He just told me that he doesn't want me to go to any school in the Big 12."

JH: Have you told the OU coaches that?

MA: "No, sir. I haven't told the OU coaches that. I didn't know that he didn't want me to go until today."

JH: With OU and the Big 12 out of the picture, who are now considering for the job?

MA: "I am going to look at Miami, LSU, Ohio State and North Carolina. I would say that LSU and Miami are my favorites. I haven't been offered by either school, but I am going to an LSU camp on July 24 and today Miami asked me to send film to them."

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