RECRUITING: Sooners still on top?

Destrehan, La. defensive tackle Chaz Washington talks about his summer camp success, where else he might visit this summer and where Oklahoma currently stands in the race for his signature.

Chaz Washington, DL, 6-3, 288, 5.2, DESTREHAN (ST. ROSE HS), LOUISIANA:

JH: What is the latest on you this summer?

CW: "I went to Ole Miss and their camp, and then I went with my team to the LSU camp. At the LSU camp, I beat the No. 1 offensive tackle in Texas several times. I think his name was Curtis Bailey. I know he was a real big guy, but I had my moves working on that day. He is a great player, but I was just on with my game. Our coach wanted all of us to go the LSU camp. That is why we went there."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you?

CW: "I am just going to pray on it. Oklahoma is still on top and they are still my favorite team. I have been concentrating on my ACT test, which I took on June 11. I think I did pretty well on it. I think I made a 20-22 on it."

JH: Are you still planning on taking a couple of visits before you decide what you want to do?

CW: "I am just going to keep my options open and take a couple of visits. I just want to see what is out there for me. Oklahoma will be one of those visits, and I will visit a couple more. Right now I think I am going to take those during basketball season. I have been playing three sports, but with recruiting and everything I think I am going to have to drop basketball. I am going to be looking at depth charts and the stability of the coaching staff. I think I am a raging bull out there and I think I can play early in college. That is something that I am going to be looking for."

JH: You say that Oklahoma is still your leader, so have the Sooners enhanced their position?

CW: "I have had a chance to get to know the coaches a little bit better. Coach Wilson has been recruiting me along with Coach Shipp, and I have got to know them a lot better. I have done a lot of research on them and learned a lot more about them. That has helped me with my positive thoughts toward Oklahoma.

"I have also got a chance to get to know Coach Bob Stoops, and he is a great man. He is a great coach and cares about his players and it would be an honor to play for him. Oklahoma is a great program and they have a lot of good things going for them right now."

JH: Who else are you considering right now?

CW: "I have been talking to Nebraska a lot lately. I have been talking to Coach (John) Blake, and I think I am going to attend a one-day camp at Nebraska in July. Then I want to get back here and resume my weight and conditioning workouts with Tom Shaw, who works is strength and conditioning coach with the New England Patriots. He lives out here in Louisiana. I am going to get my speed down to 4.7 and I am going to be like a freight train rushing the quarterback. My goal is to get 20 sacks this year."

JH: Is Nebraska the only other school that you are considering?

CW: "I am considering Nebraska, Miami, USC, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Auburn. There are other schools, but Oklahoma is my clear No. 1. I just need to pray about it and make sure that I am making the right decision because my family is going to move with me wherever I go. So, this is a big decision for me and my family.

"My family is good with Oklahoma if that is where I decide to go. My dad has talked to Coach Wilson several times and has been asking him several questions, and he has been happy with the answers. I don't know if we will have a chance to get to Oklahoma this summer. We are going to take a family vacation to Houston this summer and go to California to see my Aunt. Then I have the camp in July at Nebraska, but we might drive back through Oklahoma on our way back from California."

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