RECRUITING: Three visits, three leaders for CB

Arlington, Texas cornerback Jonathan Nelson update.

Jonathan Nelson, CB, 5-10 1/2, 165, 4.52, ARLINGTON, (MANSFIELD SUMMITT HS), TEXAS:

JH: Have you taken any visits since the last time we talked?

JN: "I haven't really made any more visits. I have just been trying to decide what other visits I might make, or if I am going to make any at all."

JH: So your last visit was to Oklahoma?

JN: "No, my last visit was to Texas Tech."

JH: What did you think of the Red Raiders?

JN: "It was very nice. I liked how all the coaches, players and students were greeting me as I was walking around. I am not saying Texas Tech is better than anybody else, but everybody at Texas Tech was so nice. I couldn't believe that students were coming up to me and talking to me like they have known me for a long time. They were just fans that somehow know me, and that was just fantastic. Everybody was so nice at Texas Tech."

JH: What do you like about their football team?

JN: "I noticed that they are very thin at corner. Right now they are starting a junior and senior at corner, so they have experienced depth there. If I go there I am pretty sure I can get some playing time before my senior year, if you know what I mean?"

JH: Who else is still involved with you?

JN: "I would say OU, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Texas A&M, LSU and Arkansas."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up with you at this point?

JN: "It is going pretty good. I am not trying to let it get to my head or anything. I am trying to give everybody a chance, or at least the schools that I am looking at. I know that if I visit certain schools that I will like something about their visit, so I am trying to make a good decision on which schools that I want to visit."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

JN: "I like them a whole lot because they develop their players. They also have older corners there, they don't have a lot of depth at corner. I know they only signed one corner last year, so they don't have a lot of young depth at corner. I know that I could go and redshirt there and get bigger and stronger, and then have a great chance to play for four solid years. I don't see anything wrong with redshirting at all. At OU, I would expect to do that and that would allow me to get my body ready to be a major factor during my career. Oklahoma is setting pretty well with me. They are a great program, they have a great coaching staff and I like the style of defense that they play."

JH Do you have a leader at this point, or a favorite or two?

JN: "I guess you could say that the schools that I have visited are my favorites, because I have visited three. Those schools would be OU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. You have to understand that those schools are my favorite because I have had a chance to meet their players and coaches, and at the other schools I haven't had that opportunity."

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