Los Angeles, Calif. linebacker Mark Johnson update.


Mark Johnson is almost your prototype middle linebacker in that he has the size and strength that you look for, but he is also fast enough to play any linebacker position on the field. So, we will just call him a linebacker deluxe.

Johnson started his career at Culver City High in Culver City, Calif. and earned a starting job by the end of his freshman year. He started the last two years at middle linebacker, before moving to Dorsey High.

Last season, Johnson finished with an incredible 148 tackles and eight sacks in just 11 games. He also forced eight fumbles, recovered seven fumbles, picked off one pass and blocked one field goal.

"I had double-digit tackles in every game, so I had a pretty good year last year," said Johnson. "I enjoyed playing at Culver City, but I think at Dorsey I will play with more good players and that will increase my skill level."

Johnson can bench 280 pounds, squats 500 and he hasn?t even spent much time in the weight room.

"I have had a chance to lift weights all that much," said Johnson. "I am concentrating more on my speed and agility by working out on the track and always running sprints."

Johnson, who also starts in centerfield in baseball averaging .430 last season, has never attended a summer college football camp, but he went to junior days at UCLA and USC. Johnson has close to 20 offers at this point.

"USC is one of my favorites because they are local and they have a good program," said Johnson. "Oklahoma is another one because they have great weather and they have another great program. I want to be the best and that is why I have chosen those two as my top two schools. Oklahoma has been in three National Championship games in the last five years and they put out good linebackers every year. I am also looking at LSU, Ohio State, Miami, Cal, and Florida. There are more, but those are the main ones right now."

Is Johnson a lock to stay on the West Coast? Or is he really considering leaving the state?

"There is always that possibility," said Johnson. "I just need to take my trips and see which school I like the most. I want to take all five of my trips and really find out where I want to go."

Johnson's GPA is solid, but he is still waiting on test scores.

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