RECRUITING: OU still in the hunt for N.J. RB?

New Jersey running back Knowshon Moreno talks about his summer plans and interest in Oklahoma.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, 6-0, 205, 4.5, MIDDLETOWN (SOUTH HS), NEW JERSEY:

JH: How is your summer going?

KM: "It is going very good right now. I am going to a few camps this summer and everything is going very nice."

JH: What camps have you been to this summer?

KM: "I haven't been to any so far, but I am going to the Georgia camp. That will be on July 8th and 9th, and that is going to be very good. I don't know if there will be any others, but I will consider them."

JH: Did you go to any schools during the spring or to any junior days?

KM: "I went to Maryland and to the Virginia schools. I also went to Rutgers."

JH: The last time we talked you were still considering a bunch of schools. Is that still the case or have you started to narrow things down a little bit"

KM: "I still don't have any favorites. I am going to start narrowing it down pretty soon. I know that Georgia and Florida have a good chance to be in the mix along with Oklahoma, but I am going to have to think about it a little bit more."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

KM: "The Sooners are doing very well with me right now. Hopefully, OU can continue to have great success and they will continue to recruit me, and just maybe I could be a Sooner. I need to think things through a lot more. I have a lot of things to consider, but OU is a great school and certainly one that I am considering."

JH: Are you training with the team this summer or are you working with a trainer or in a gym?

KM: "Right now we train as a team and we will go to a couple of camps this summer."

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