RECRUITING: Sooners land Texas defensive tackle

Corpus Christi, Texas defenive tackle Pryce Macon talks about his commitment to Oklahoma, visit to Norman and what position he plans to play as a Sooner.

Pryce Macon, DL, 6-1, 263, 4.79 CORPUS CHRISTI (CARROL HS), TEXAS:

JH: Pryce, congratulations on committing to OU. When you were coming up to Norman did you have an idea that you were going to commit to the Sooners?

PM: "Not right at first, but to tell you the truth when I first got here Coach Stoops took me and my family to watch some of the guys work out. I was in the weight room watching some of the guys working out and they were working so hard and looked like they were having so much success, that it just hit me that OU was the place I wanted to play my college football. It just felt right for me."

JH: I know you are a great weight room guy yourself with some impressive numbers. I am going to guess that a good weight program and a good off-season program is important to you?

PM: "I like the weight room. I just saw the atmosphere and how they were getting after it, and that impressed me. Then at that time I saw DeMarcus Granger, who I met about two years ago. He stops what he is doing and comes over to shake my hand, and that so impressed me that I said that this is the place for me."

JH: Tell me a little bit about your visit and what impressed you?

PM: "After that I got to meet with a lot of players and coaches. They took me around to just about everything on campus and it was a nice relaxed, laid-back place. It kind of feels like home. I like the fact that the campus is close to together and my parents wanted to know about the academic side. We got to meet Teresa Turner, and she was very impressive. My parents liked it and they were all for it."

JH: What is it you like about the OU defense and how you can fit into it?

PM: "They are really an attack defense and the defensive linemen that I have seen there all have great speed. They can all get off the ball, and I think that is the kind of defensive lineman that I am. Coach (Jackie) Shipp is a great defensive line coach and I am going to go in there and get it done."

JH How are your workouts going this summer?

PM: "We have a workout program that starts at 7:30 in the morning. They make us lift and run and then I go home and run. Then I will go back and get a second workout with some machines and things in the evening."

JH: How good is your high school team going to be this year, and what position do you think you will play at OU?

PM: "We should be pretty good. We are projected to get into the playoffs this year, and I am looking forward to it. From what I have seen I will probably start off as a defensive end, but Coach Shipp told me that if I come in two years later and I weigh 285 then I am probably going to be a defensive tackle. So, where I play at OU will depend on how much I grow. I currently weigh 263."

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