RECRUITING: OU still on Virginia LB's list?

Richmond, Va. linebacker Jarrell Miller update.


JH: How is your summer going?

JM: "I went to the Maryland summer camp. I had a good time talking to Coach (Bratten), who is a great guy."

JH: How are your workouts going?

JM: "We work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday as a team. The linebackers and offensive lineman work out at the same time at 6:00 a.m. I play left tackle and middle linebacker."

"I also am working with my father this summer, but I am hoping to get a job in construction. My grandmother, who works up at my high school has a brother who is in the construction business. So, I am hoping something works out them."

JH: What is your current size?

JM: "I am 6-3 now, and I think I am at 240 now. I think I have gotten a little bigger working in that weight room. I am the only skinny offensive tackle in our area."

JH: How many offers do you have?

JM: "I would say that I have at least 40, maybe 50."

JH: Are the schools you're interested in recruiting you as a linebacker or offensive tackle?

JM: "Everybody, but Florida State, is recruiting me to play middle linebacker. Florida State wants me to play defensive end. If I went to Virginia Tech, I might have to play fullback. It is funny because the coaches are always arguing where I am going to play if I go there."

JH: Do you have a top five or favorite at this time?

JH: "I don't have a favorite, but I am starting to narrow my choices down. I think I am down to 15. I am still looking at Miami, Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Maryland, Penn State, North Carolina, Boston College, Oklahoma, N.C. State, Oregon and Alabama. I am working off this list and eventually I will come to a decision out of this list. If I get a chance to play in the Scout Network Army All-American game, I will announce my decision there."

JH: What interests you about Oklahoma?

JM: "I like Oklahoma. They are one of my favorite schools. The coach that offered me went to LSU (Bo Pelini), but I still have a great interest in OU. I am looking forward to talking to them again in the near future."

JH: Will distance be a factor in your decision?

JM: "I can honestly say that I will go anywhere to go to school. I would go to Hawaii if they would give me a scholarship. Distance is not a factor at all. If the college I choose is out of state, then I will go out of state."

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