RECRUITING: Another Texan headed to Norman

Arlington, Texas cornerback Jonathan Nelson talks about his commitment to Oklahoma. Nelson is currently ranked No. 13 on the Texas Hot 100 list.

Jonathan Nelson, CB, 5-11 1/2, 180, 4.52, ARLINGTON (MANSFIELD SUMMIT HS), TEXAS:

JH: Talk about your commitment to OU?

JN: "After thinking about for a long time, my decision came down to OU and Oklahoma State. After thinking it over, I just felt OU could develop me better. Nothing against OSU, but OU is known for developing their players and making them the best players they can be. OU has a great reputation for taking good players and turning them into first or high round draft choices. Plus, I know that I would have to come with my ‘A' game at practices because I know those practices will be very intense. I know that the guys that I will be lining up against will be very good, and I can't not give 100 percent if I want to play over those guys so I will always be pushing myself."

JH: What really impressed you about OU enough to get to commit early?

JN: "The good thing about me and OU is that I don't really pay attention a whole lot to trophies and rings and stuff. Sure I like that, but I just wanted to see how I fit in there. When I went on my visit, everybody, including the players and coaches were first class people. When I went down there they were having a camp and Coach Stoops left the camp and let his assistant coaches take over so that he could show me around campus. Here is coach Stoops, so high and mighty in his profession, but he showed me around and had fun doing it. He could have just told one of his assistants to do it, but he did it himself and that really impressed me."

JH: Are you glad recruiting is over?

JN: "Yes, sir. I was trying to have a good time. I didn't want it to seem like it was bothering me because that is a privilege to be getting recruiting. I was thanking the Lord that I was getting this opportunity and that I had good schools that wanted me to play."

"One thing that I think will be fun this season is that our opponents will now try to test me because I am going to OU. I will have to make sure that I represent my school and OU to the best of my abilities."

JH: Talk about your relationship with your recruiting coaches at OU?

JN: "I had a great relationship with Coach Gundy and Coach Wright. On my visit, Coach Wright was a very likeable guy and I enjoyed his intensity towards football. He told me that he was a guy that couldn't stand to be second, and that is just like me. I don't like to lose and he said that he hates to lose, and that is what I like about Coach Wright. I didn't get to talk to Coach Gundy as much, but he is a great person and I can tell he is a winner. I talked to Coach Wright and Coach Stoops more than anybody."

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