Basketball Recruits Will Not Face Charges in Ohio

According to a memo from Franklin County (Ohio), prosecutor Ron O'Brien, charges will not be filed against Midwest City basketball stars Sheldon Williams, (Duke), and teammate DeAngelo Alexander, (OU). Both were named in a complaint filed January 20 by a 19 year old Ohio woman, for an incident that occurred while the Midwest City team was in Columbus, Ohio for a highschool basketball tournament. The womans' complaint accused three players of rape, and named two others as material witnesses. The accusations resulted in the temporary suspension of five Midwest City athletes, and set off heated debate among school board members and patrons.

Both players denied the allegation in a statement made on January 29. At that time, Columbus police had made no decision to file charges and were investigating the complaint, according to Columbus Ohio police spokes-woman Sherry Mercurio. "Right now it's her word against their word," Mercurio was quoted as saying.

According to other witnesses, the woman was walking the hall of the hotel shortly after 1:30 AM, knocking on doors of several players from other teams also involved in the tournament.  She was reported to be asking for "someone to open up and party." No one did until she reached the room of the Midwest City players.  Williams' stated on the 29th that, "We were in our hotel room getting ready to go to bed, and someone came in, and things got out of hand. And then coach came in and broke and broke it up."

Hotel employees reportedly said that the woman has been asked to leave the hotel on several occasions for ‘stalking' guests.  Sources have told OU Insider that the woman made a similar charge against other highschool players last year and reportedly would demand money after gaining entrance to the room and threatening rape charges.

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