RECRUITING: Sooners in Spikes' top five?

Shelby, N.C. linebacker Brandon Spikes talks about his summer plans and interest in Oklahoma.

Brandon Spikes, LB, 6-4, 230, SHELBY (CREST SR. HS), NORTH CAROLINA:

JH: How are things going for you this summer?

BS: "Everything has been OK. It has been the same old thing almost everyday. I am working out all day in the gym, or on the football field, or I am answering the phone. It rings all day. Coaches and reporters call me, and I call a few coaches. I try to stay away from that as much as I can, but I have called Coach Venables a couple of times. I also go fishing a lot."

JH: You say you like to go fishing, so are you catching anything? Where are you fishing?

BS: "I have done pretty well. I have caught a couple Brim and a couple Bass. I fish out of Moss Lake, which is only two or three minutes away."

JH: I know you are working out, so are you getting bigger?

BS: "I am adding a little bit of muscle. I weigh 235 right now."

JH: How about things football related. How are they going?

BS: "Our summer is going great as a team. We went down to Wofford College and placed second in a seven-on-seven tournament. We did really well as a team, and I improved my pass drops and broke on the ball really well. I am just glad to be back on the field healthy and playing sideline-to-sideline. We have to go for that third state championship in a row."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

BS: "I have lost count. It is probably around 25 to 30."

JH: Do you have a favorite or your list down to a top fiveat this time?

BS: "I haven't lowered it down yet, but I am getting close to doing that. I don't have a favorite either."

JH Who are some of your favorite teams that are recruiting you?

BS: "Oklahoma is one of them, I can tell you that. Everybody is still in the hunt. It is going to come down to tradition at linebacker and the trust with the coaches that are there. What opportunity is there is going to be important. I want a chance to play in the first year, and I will probably go there early. I want a good trust with the coaches there. I want to play for coaches that I can trust. Location doesn't make any difference for me. I will go anywhere."

JH: You seem to have an interest in Oklahoma, so what is it you like about OU?

BS: "I like Coach (Brent) Venables a lot. I don't know want what it is about him, but I can tell you can trust him. He is also producing some of the best linebackers in the country. Oklahoma has been in the last two National Championship games, so they are winning. I can safely say that Oklahoma is going to be in my top five."

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