RECRUITING: Rolle breaks down his favorites

America's No. 1 rated prospect, Princeton, N.J. defensive back Myron Rolle, talks about his decision-making process, trip to Florida and each of the remaining schools he's considering.

The nation's top football prospect, Myron Rolle from The Hun High School in Princeton, N.J., is trying to enjoy the summer as he nears his decision. And the fact that the entire nation is curious makes his anticipated announcement even more of a national story.

However, Rolle continues to try to be just a high school senior, which means he is trying to enjoy the summer while also working out several times a day in anticipation of his senior season and his first year at the college level.

What is the latest on Rolle? We know that he talked to Coach Bob Stoops today and recently he took this reporters phone call to give us the latest scoop in his recruiting world.

JH: Is it true you will take another trip to the University of Florida?

MR: "That is true. First, I am going to Florida State August 5th, but you already know that. We will be there the fifth and the sixth. My older brothers are coming along on the trip. On the first Florida visit that I went to, it was just my mom, dad me and McKinley, so my older brothers have yet to see the University of Florida.

"Gainesville is only a two-hour drive, so we figured that after we visit Florida State we would just stop over get a quick tour of Florida for my older brothers. It is basically just like my father said before — this is basically so that everybody can have an informed opinion and know what they are talking about.

"My brothers have seen every school but that one, and I would like for them to be as much a part of this decision as I am. It is just fair to my brothers so that they can see the school as well."

JH: So if people are reading anything into your extra visit to Florida, you are telling them they shouldn't do that, even though common sense tell us that the visit will give Urban Meyer will get a second chance to visit with you?

MR: "Yeah, it will definitely give them a second chance to talk to me, but it wasn't like the University of Florida missed anything on my visit. I think they covered everything our first visit there. We are not going back to re-confirm anything that I heard or anything that didn't get answered. It is just another opportunity for my older brothers to see the school and for them to witness and experience what we experienced.

"People shouldn't read too much into it because it is basically for our family. Like we have said in the past, our family is very much involved with this. This is a family decision. I think it will be a good thing for them to do that."

JH: Have you, as a family, started at all to narrow down your decision? Have you started to compare all the schools yet or are you purposely not doing that at this time?

MR: "Naturally, we compared schools after each visit. After our first two visits we were in a hotel room at the University of Miami and we started comparing things to Oklahoma. It wasn't fair to do it as much because you want to evaluate each school individually, but the Oklahoma visit was fresh on our minds so we compared them. Then when we went to Michigan a week later we did the same thing to the two visits prior to that.

"We definitely look at each school, and at the end we are going to bring all of our schools to the table and look at each school individually. We are going to talk to each school and discuss that school. It will probably be a lengthy conversation with our family, but I think we are doing the right thing and approaching it the right way. I think we are going to come out with the right decision."

JH: What is the latest on Oklahoma? When was the last time you talked them?

MR: (In a subsequent phone call to Myron he mentioned that he just got hold of Coach Stoops yesterday. That was later then during this interview, so his response to this question was based on my question before yesterday.) "I called into the office because after July 1st you can call the 1-800 numbers, because I don't want to kill all the minutes on my phone so I am using that about twice a week. I haven't been able to get hold of the coaches because they have been moving around a lot.

"I text messaged Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright and he messaged me back. He said he was sorry that he missed my call and all that. My brother called and talked to Coach Stoops the other day about some grad school questions he has. As you know, my brother McKinley and I are going to the same school, more than likely. He just wanted to check on the Sports Management Program I believe, because that is what he is interested in. He wanted to get some information and I think Coach Stoops relayed that back to him. That is pretty much the latest on me talking to the University of Oklahoma."

JH: Are you in contact with all the schools quite a bit or has it been almost impossible to stay in contact with all the schools?

MR: "A lot of coaches are on vacation and there are some camps going on at some schools. I just talked this morning with Coach Norwood, the secondary coach at Penn State. I try to my best to talk to at least one coach from each school each week, just to let them know how I am doing and how my workouts are progressing.

"I want to let them know how my seven-on-seven is going, how my family is doing, and just where I stand with that school. I am up front and honest with each school that I am being recruited by. I think giving a weekly update on how I am doing is the best approach to that."

JH: How are your workouts and seven-on-seven drills going?

MR: "We are doing well as we just start on Wednesday. I started out at cornerback and it was very easy for them to just throw to one side of the field, so I said that I wanted to move back to strong (safety). I moved back to strong safety and I had two pass break-ups and one interception. I was pretty good on the defensive side of the ball. My change of direction was really good, I felt fast and I felt my overall lateral quickness has improved from last year. I am bating quarterbacks now to throw the ball and I then break on it real fast, which is a testament on how hard I train every day.

"Then on offense, our three quarterbacks weren't on campus and they couldn't make it so I had to play quarterback. I have never played quarterback before, but I threw four touchdowns. They were little five-yard pop passes, but I didn't hit one long pass. It was fun to play quarterback, and it certainly gave me a different perspective on how the quarterbacks see the field. Everything is moving so fast as people are flying everywhere doing crossing routes and everything.

"From now on when I am playing running back or receiver I don't think I am going to complain anymore to the quarterback by asking him why he didn't see me."

JH: What are you into as far as your training goes?

MR: "We just starting going into some heavy speed work with a lot of resistance. We are doing some open speed work. I run a 40 and I get pulled by a bungee, or a lot of harnesses. My trainers work me on a lot of changing direction drills. He wants me to be able to cut on a dime, explode out of my cuts and make a play. That is so critical, especially for my position.

"We have been doing a lot of that and doing a lot of one-on-one's and defensive back drills. We have been doing specific drills for my position that I have learned from camps and combines. We incorporate a lot of things into our drills, but it hard work. I definitely think I am going to get better."

JH: You are still interested in five schools, so have you not started to narrow down your decision at all? Are you to the point that you have a top two or three?

MR: "No, sir. I still have all schools at even par right now. I haven't narrowed it down to two or three yet. I think that process will start after I get back from Florida and Florida State. When we sit down and start talking about it, then we will start going down the list and probably get it to two or three before we make our final decision."

JH: When you do get it down to two or three, will you announce that or will keep that to yourself and continue to say five schools are involved?

MR: "We haven't talked about that. Right now I don't think I am going to talk about it as it becomes a two or three team race. It is private, and like I have said we are going to go through our process and think through this whole thing. We will come out with one school that I am going to commit to and when we do that is when everybody will know."

JH: What are your latest thoughts on the five schools that you are considering?

MR: "I think Oklahoma has a great winning tradition and they have wonderful players in their program right now. They have a lot of great talent on their roster, and then they have Coach (Bob) Stoops of course. Coach Stoops has been the recruiter that has been the closest to me the last three years now. He was the first one to put me on the bandwagon, as far as the national scene, because he offered me a scholarship at their camp before my sophomore year. I have a great relationship with him and Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright as well. They are recruiting me so very hard. I like Oklahoma and everything that is represented at that school.

"Miami has had several defensive backs that went to the NFL, and that is a frequent occurrence there. They have some great players that come back to the University and work with the players. I could learn a lot from that. Academically, Miami is a private school and a great university. Most of their freshman that enter the school major in Pre-med. The medical school is great at Miami. That is a school with a lot of tradition and they are one of the most successful teams in college football.

"Coach English is their (Michigan) defensive back coach, and I went to camp with him a couple of years ago. He taught me a lot of good things and we have had great conversations. He is a wonderful teacher. I asked him a question this morning about how to cover a certain route and how to play man and get your opponent if he is using a pressure set and he wants to use his body to push off on his break, and I got a lot from him on how to defend that. I learn a lot from him, and the school speaks for itself.

"Florida is a school that just came on a little later than the other schools. Coach (Urban) Meyer is a very aggressive recruiter and he comes very hard. The whole staff has been recruiting me. I think I have talked to about six different coaches on the staff on a consistent basis. They are a program that I think is up and rising. They have a lot of great athletes already at that school. I know last year was a down year, but I really think things are going to turn around this year, just by the team atmosphere that I saw went on down there. It is another wonderful school and is ranked about 15th in the country as far as a medical school. I don't think you get much better than Shands Hospital there.

"Florida State is my childhood favorite and a school that has been on top for a very long time. They are another school with great defensive backs,some are the very best who have played college football. Coach Lilly is my recruiting coach and he is from the Northeast. He is the recruiting coordinator there as well and the tight end coach. He has stuck with me for a long time and we talk for about an hour-and-a-half every time that we talk. Of course, they are a school that I am very interested in.

"Then of course, there is Penn State, which is a school that is close to me. I have family connections there, as I do likewise at Miami. I think playing time could happen early there and I like Joe Paterno a lot. He is more than just a football coach because he is a unique individual as well. He is a coach who really cares for his players, and I like his approach to the game. Despite the fact he is up in age, he is still very lively and still gets after it. I have been to Penn State several times and I like the facilities and atmosphere at State College."

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