RECRUITING: Maclin ready for weekend trip to OU

Kirkwood, Mo. wide receiver Jeremy Maclin talks abou this favorites and upcoming visit to Norman.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, 6-0, 175, 4.5, KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI:

JH: How has your summer been going?

JM: "I am just been working out pretty much. I seem to be working out every day and I am playing a lot of seven-on-seven. We just went to Carbondale two weeks ago and we won the whole tournament. We are doing alright."

JH: How did you play in the seven-on-seven drills?

JM: "I played really well, actually. I caught a couple of touchdowns. We have a sophomore quarterback who everybody had questions about when he came in, but he has proved everybody wrong. He was 20-1 on the freshman junior varsity, and he is proving to be a winner with us."

JH: What are your goals in the weight room?

JM: "I just have to get stronger. I know I am kind of on the small size. I am getting stronger and my coaches have told me that there are a few things I have to be able to do at the next level. I have to be able to beat jams and get off the line of scrimmage, so I need to get after it in the weight room."

JH: Are you taking any unofficial trips this summer?

JM: "I am going to be down at Oklahoma this weekend. I will be down there this Friday and Saturday. Then I am going to Texas Tech on the 31st."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you?

JM: "I really don't have a top five right now. I guess there is a couple of schools that stand out because they have offered, and I have had a chance to get to know the coaches. Oklahoma stands out because they win and win big all the time. Plus, they always put out great receivers. Illinois stands out because they have a whole new coaching staff. Texas Tech stands out because they throw the ball so much."

JH: Is there anything else about Oklahoma that stands out to you?

JM: "I like their offensive scheme, definitely. I would love to play with Adrian Peterson, who should get the ball as much as he can, but they are balanced and also air out the ball. They have almost the perfect offense."

JH: Who is going with you to Norman?

JM: "I am coming down with the family that I stay with and a friend of mine may be coming with me."

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