Joseph ready to pave the way from tackle goes one-on-one with Sooner senior offensive tackle Davin Joseph.(AP Photo/Tim Sharp)

Many believe that the OU offensive line will not be as good as the one that led Jason White and Adrian Peterson to second and third place finishes in last year's Heisman Trophy race. Gone are first-round draft choice Jammal Brown and fifth-round draft choice Wes Sims, and All-American center Vince Carter who has also signed a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders and is very likely to make the team.

However, the Sooners have plenty of experience back and leading the way among the returnees is All-American candidate Davin Joseph. Joseph, who always has a smile on his face, has a super work ethic and is one of the leaders of the Sooners summer conditioning program, but still had time to stop and talk with OUInsider about how the summer was going and the prospects of the season ahead.

JH: Davin, you are a big guy and since you are working out so hard, you have to know how to eat right. Food and water are a big part of your workout aren't they?

DJ: "Food is very big part of it. Eating three good meals a day is very important. Eating to recover after a workout and then putting more food into your body so that you can get through the next day. Then you have to drink of enough water and Gatorade to make sure you are hydrated. Just doing those things is a full-time job because of the heavy demand on your body every day. You have to eat well, and you have to take it serious."

JH: Give me an idea of what the life of a college football player is like in the summer?

DJ: "Our time is almost more consumed in the summer than in the school year, especially when you consider when we start practice in August. When it comes to family members or a significant other, time is very short in August. In June and July, we really just focus on what it takes to get better for football. Most of us only have one two hour class and some guys have more. Some guys don't even have a class, so we are just coming into the workouts and working hard. That gives your body time to recover and body time to relax, and you are building a good foundation for the long grind of the season."

JH: Your workout is at 5:30 in the morning, so is your wakeup call at 4:30 a.m.?

DJ: "My wakeup is at 4:30, but I love getting up that early. I would rather go ahead and get up and get it done and get my day started like that than mingle around all day. Heck, I would think about it all day, and that is no fun."

JH: I can remember talking to you in high school. It just seemed like yesterday that you were arriving at OU out of Florida?

DJ: "I remember talking to you to. Time has just flown by. I have had so much fun coming from high school to college that I can't remember where it all went. Hopefully, I will have a chance to go from college to the pros and have just as much fun. It just seems like time is flying by."

JH: Just think, if you didn't dominate Manual Wright (USC) in a high school all-star game at offensive tackle, then you might have been a defensive tackle at OU?

DJ: "(Laughing...) Hey, don't you know it. But I think they (OU coaches) always had plans in the back of their minds to switch me to offense. It worked out for the better anyway. I don't know if I dominated Manual in that all-star game because he was a great player then and he is still a great player at USC. He is one of the better players that I have ever played against. I think it is always going to be that way. I look forward to playing him against in the future."

JH: You have played so much football at right guard, but you are moving over to left tackle now. Do you still feel good about this move?

DJ: "Oh, yeah. I still have all the confidence in the world in our approach coming into the season. I don't think Coach (Kevin) Wilson would put me in a bad situation when it comes to being on an island all day. I think we are going to be a predominantly run team, so I will still get to do my thing at left tackle."

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