Can Wilson be the man in 2005?

Will Travis Wilson (pictured above) be Oklahoma's go-to guy at receiver in 2005? Oklahoma wide receiver coach Darrell Wyatt answers that question and much more. (Photo/Getty Images)

On Travis Wilson being considered the go-to-guy on the receiving corp next season

Wyatt: "I don't know that we would classify him at this point as a go-to guy. Travis has definitely distinguished himself within the group as the guy with the most experience and made the most plays for us. Jejuan Rankins has a lot of experience and has made a lot of plays for us, so I think the go-to guy is something that will be established throughout camp and the early part of the season."

On Wilson having a chance to be the go-to guy

Wyatt: "There's no doubt about it. I think Travis will have a chance to be one of the very best wide receivers in college football next season. He's proven he can make big plays in big games, and I think he's really worked hard to improve on his route running, his consistency and blocking. He has the making of being one of the better players at his position in the country."

On the things Wilson needs to do to become a complete receiver

Wyatt: "When you talk about being a complete receiver, that includes a guy who can consistently get open, can win on third downs — what we like to call the money downs. He's a guy that you could go to on third downs and consistently come up with plays. It also would include a guy who's very unselfish and is a tremendous blocker that allows us to have big plays in the running game."

On the challenge of getting the young receivers ready to play

Wyatt: "It's definitely a challenge getting them guys to play because we're younger at the wide receiver position than we have been at some time, and we'll probably have a freshman or two who have a chance to help us right away. These guys, who are incoming, are immensely talented along with the redshirt freshmen that we have on campus. It makes for a very competitive fall camp and I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with these guys."

On if he's noticed OU getting more attention from the top receiver recruits around the country because of the success in last year's NFL Draft

Wyatt: "There's no doubt about that. With the success that we've had, in terms of the numbers Mark Clayton put up in the 2003 season and with three receivers being drafted and the fourth guy being picked up as a free agent, wide receivers across the country know that they have a chance to come to Oklahoma and get a great education, play in big games and play for championships. They also know they can put up big numbers and be at a place that a lot of people are recognizing now as a place where you'd have a chance to be a big-time receiver, an All-American and a a high draft choice."

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