Q&A with Clint Ingram

Oklahoma's senior linebacker talks about last year's loss to USC, OU's 2005 LB corp and Texas.

Q&A with senior linebacker Clint Ingram.


On being chosen to represent the defense during Big 12 media day

Ingram: "I am happy to be able to come. Coming in as a young guy, I remember guys like Rocky Calmus, Roy Williams, Derrick Strait — guys who had great leadership qualities taking me under their wing and just showing me the ropes. So, I feel that I owe it back for me to step up and be in a position to be able to do that as one of the leaders."

On him not just emerging last spring, but having a great season last year, especially the Texas game

Ingram: "I take the same approach that I've been taking since the day I came down here — go full speed and give it all I've got."

On his great spring defending the pass helping his cause to stay on the field during passing downs

Ingram: "That's one thing that I talked to coach about. He told me that if I showed I could defend the pass that he'd leave me out there on the field. So I got in the film room and worked and focused real hard on it."

On next year's defense replacing several starters

Ingram: "We won't except anything but good things. That's one of things that's been instilled in us since the day we got on campus — is the tradition, the pride we take, the way we work. On the young guys, the only thing I'd say they're lacking is gametime experience on Saturday's. Coach will have everybody as prepared as they can be for the game. Having Dusty back is great for the team. Guys like that, down in the middle, will open up a lot of things for the linebackers."

On Oklahoma's linebacker tradition

Ingram: "When I say tradition, I'm talking about the past and the way Oklahoma's done things. The tradition that Coach Stoops has brought to the table, as far as the way we work and the time that we put in on our own to make ourselves better and confident. You only get out of it what you put in."

On the media picking Texas to win the South

Ingram: "I'm from Texas so I hear it all the time. Every time I go somewhere I hear a million guys saying, 'Y'all going to get beat this year.' So that's something I really don't pay much attention to.

"We're going to go out and play them like we do every year. Coach is going to prepare a great gameplan for us, so we're going to go out there and do what they have for us to do. We'll show up at the Cotton Bowl."

On the talk that Oklahoma has lost some invincibility after last year's blowout loss to USC

Ingram: "We went 12-0 and won the Big 12 Championship. That wasn't easy. It was unfortunate that we lost that last game, but it isn't something that we're sitting back complaining and whining about. You can't go back to the past and change it. We can't play that game again, so we just really kinda have to let it go."

On if he sees someone among the linebacker corp emerging as a star or will it be a group effort this season

Ingram: "All three of us at linebacker, we all have the ability to make plays and be leaders. Maybe it can be all three of us, but we aren't focusing on that. The 'W' at the end of the game is what we want."

On his impressions of the freshmen linebackers

Ingram: "Since I've been here I haven't seen three linebackers come in and be as far along as they are. They're already big guys who can run and are strong dudes. I don't know whether they're going redshirt or who going to play, but all of those guys could bring something to the table right now."

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