Recruiting Daily Double: OU hits the Juco Jackpot

Oklahoma landed two junior prospects, including Northeastern Oklahoma A&M star defensive tackle Jeremy Gibbs (pictured above), on Thursday. See inside for more details.

Oklahoma got not only one, but two commitments on Thursday when Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College teammates Jeremy Gibbs and Tim Johnson gave their verbal commitments.

Gibbs, a 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle with 4.8 speed says he chose the Sooners over Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and UAB, while Johnson, a 6-foot-5, 255-pound defensive end with 4.7 speed, picked OU over LSU and Arizona State.

See below for a transcript of the duo's Thursday night interview with reporter James Hale.

JH: I know I have both you on the phone, and Jeremy you visited OU today. And I know, Tim, you were talking to OU a bunch today. So how did things go today.

JG: "Yeah, I made my visit to OU today and we both committed before I left."

TJ: "Yeah, we both committed to OU today."

JH: Jeremy, what was it about your visit today that led you to commit to OU?

JG: "The atmosphere was great, and getting to talk to Coach Stoops was great. My family felt that OU was best for me after talking to Coach Stoops, and me and Tim wanted to go to school together so OU was the perfect choice."

JH: How about you, Tim?

TJ: "It is a great school with a great football program. When you put those two things together OU is very hard to beat. I wanted to play with Jeremy and OU wanted us both."

JH: Tim, you weren't on the visit today were you?

TJ: "I am still in Illinois right now, but I am going to Oklahoma on the 8th (August)."

JH: Jeremy, was your family with you today?

JG: "I was by myself today. I had already been up there once, but the learning center is so impressive — the best in the country. I wanted to play on that great stage they have for a stadium, and I want to play in big games. In talking to Coach Stoops I know he will treat me like a man, and I want to play for a coach like that. My family believes OU is the best place for me."

JH: Tim, did you talk to Coach Stoops today? And if you did, what did you think?

TJ: "He seemed like a real down-to earth-guy and a guy that cares about his players. He is a great coach."

JH: Tim tells us about Jeremy and what kind of player e is?

JG: "He is an outstanding player with a lot of moves. It is almost impossible to block him, and he is a very hard worker.

JH: Jeremy, tell me about Tim and what kind of player he is?

JG: "Tim is an unbelievable defensive end. He is the best I have ever played with. He is so big and so fast that he is incredible."

JH: What kind of impression did Coach Jackie Shipp have on your decision?

JG: "Coach Shipp is a Stillwater product and it is easier to make that decision when you already have somebody up there that has already done that. On top of that, he coaches my position and is the best at what he does. Coach Shipp was a big reason why I committed to OU."

JH: Tim, what are your thoughts on Coach Shipp?

TJ: "He is a real good guy. I had a chance to meet him in person at the spring game and I can't wait to go play for him."

JH: Linebacker Chris Patterson has also committed to play for the Sooners, so how cool is that going to be for the three of you to play for NEO this year knowing all of you are going to also play at OU?

TJ: "We are all close friends and we all plan on getting an apartment together. That is going to be real cool."

JG: "It is exciting. We have already talked with each other about I and we are looking forward to it. We enjoying playing together and it will be great to continue. Now all we are going to do is change colors."

TJ: "Hey, don't forget we have Brandon Keith as well."

Gibbs chose the Sooners over Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and UAB. Johnson chose OU over LSU and Arizona State.

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