RECRUITING: Louisiana RB still high on Oklahoma

Alexandria, La. running back Chris Brown talks about his three favorites and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: How is your summer going?

CB: "I basically went to two camps this summer. I went to Arkansas and Texas A&M. I haven't been traveling too much this summer. I thought I did pretty well at those camps. I went down there with a wide receiver on our team (Will Coppage) and we both did well at the camp."

JH: How are your workouts going?

CB: "We have been lifting weights three days a week and then we do pass skel on the fourth day. We take the weekend off. I have gained the most on my bench press. I am benching 330 now and I started the summer at 280. I worked hard on push-ups and things like that before the summer, and then when I added the weightlifting I really improved on the bench. I always knew I could do 300, but I didn't expect 330."

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

CB: "I am still thinking things over and still considering several schools. I do have some favorites — they are OU, Arkansas and Alabama."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

CB: "I feel better about Oklahoma the more I think about Oklahoma. It seems each week I learn something about their running back situation and it always makes me feel more comfortable with Oklahoma. The more I learn about their depth chart at running back, the more that I feel good about Oklahoma. I am feeling better and better about them each week. Right now I have to say that Oklahoma is very high on my list."

JH: What are your thoughts on Arkansas?

CB: "I really don't have any big thoughts about Arkansas right now. They have a nice school and a good program, and I was impressed with their facilities. All the schools that I am looking at have nice facilities, but I don't think they were as nice at Oklahoma's. I would say that Arkansas is behind Oklahoma right now. They are about even with Alabama and I haven't been to Alabama yet."

JH: When do you hope to make a decision?

CB: "I would say that I will make it toward the end of our football season. I will probably make it after our season at the end of November or sometime in December."

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