HOOPS: Reynolds staying in touch with commits

Oklahoma basketball commit Scott Reynolds talks about his summer success and fellow future Sooners Keith Clark and Damion James.

Scott Reynolds, PG, 6-0, 185, HERNDON, VIRGINIA:

JH: I know your summer has been busy, so catch us up?

SR: "I started off at USA and I played with Damion (James) and my team ended up winning that tournament. Damion was on another team — there were three USA teams and four or five European teams. I played against Damion's team and there was a lot of talk before that game. We ended up winning. We won every game, but Damion played really well."

JH: You mentioned that Damion played well, so how well did he play?

SR: "With those type of players there was nobody bad on the team. He had Jon Scheyer and Gerald Henderson on his team, and they are going to Duke. His team didn't do that well, but Damion played well. Damion is a great player, but that team didn't distribute the ball very well."

JH: Where did you go from there?

SR: "After we won the gold there we went to the NBA Players Camp at Virginia Commonwealth University. We won the championship and I got MVP of the championship game. I scored 26 points. Keith (Clark) was at that camp and played real well. I played against his AAU team Memorial Day and I saw him play at the NBA camp, and he played real well in both games. He has improved his outside shot a lot."

JH: How are you playing this summer?

SR: "I don't really know because it varies according to the team I am playing on. For different teams, I do different things. I think I am playing real well this summer."

JH: Are you always the point guard for these teams?

SR: "No, sir. For my AAU team, I play the wing and that is tough for me mindset-wise. I had USA Camp, NBA and ABCD Camp, and at all those I played the point. But for my AAU team I play the wing and it is a different feeling. At the ABCD camp, Damion was on my team and it was great to play with him. We were always pumping each other up and just happy to be around each other's company."

JH: Since all three of you have committed to OU already, is it an interesting feeling to go to various events and watch both Keith and Damion play or play against them?

SR: "With Keith, I watch him at the AAU events because we are on the Nike tour, so we are at a lot of AAU events together. When I see him finish off a dunk or make a great shot I am pumping him up and always telling him how well he is playing. With Damion, we have roomed together at ABCD camp. I think Damion is the craziest of the whole group. We are already teammates and have some great moments together. People can tell that we are going to be future teammates. People like what they see out of us. People could tell that we click real well together. 'Both of them are like brothers together.' At that ABCD camp, me and Damion really close together."

JH: When you are talking to Keith or Damion, when the three of you are together, do you talk much about playing together at Oklahoma?

SR: "We talk and we just see the future is so bright for us. We know that it is not going to be a cakewalk and that we have to play incredible hard every time we step on the floor. We have a great work ethic and we are encouraged about how hard OU plays and we can't wait to be a part of that group. We always talk and say that we wish we could be at OU tomorrow. We are going to room together in some way and we are looking forward to that."

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