RECRUITING: Murray says four schools stand out

Las Vegas five-star running back DeMarco Murray talks about his offseason, favorites and interest in Oklahoma.

DeMarco Murray, RB, 6-1, 190, 4.5, LAS VEGAS (BISHOP GORMAN HS), NEVEDA:

JH: I understand recently you had testing day at Bishop Gorman High, so how did you do?

DM: "Two-a-days start on the 11th. We tested in the 40, pro agilities, bench and the squad. On the bench, I did 250. On the squat, 475, in the 40 I did 4.36, and in the pro agilities I did 4.06. They weren't personal bests for me, but I had a very good day."

JH: Your coach (Dave White) runs a great program and is always using collegiate and pro drills getting his players ready for college. How much does that help you as a player go be a part of this program?

DM: "It helps a lot. It shows that Coach White cares a lot and cares for us as players. He is a good friend and a coach that I can talk to, and I do talk to him a lot. He always gives good advice and he is always doing research for us and trying to get us into the best situation that he possibly can."

JH: Are you looking forward to two-a-days?

DM: "I think they are going to go pretty good. I will just have to work hard and lead the team by example with my effort and work ethic. I think we will do a lot of seven-on-seven drills and that kind of thing. We start school on the 17th and we will scrimmage Shadow Ridge on the 20th."

JH: Did you take any more unofficial visits this summer or go to any other camps?

DM: "No, the only places I went to were OU and USC."

JH: At this point, how is recruiting shaping up for you?

DM: "The main people are OU, Miami, USC, Florida, Michigan and Texas A&M."

JH: Do you have a favorite out of that group or a top two?

DM: "My favorites would be USC, OU, Florida and Miami. I would say it is those four right now, but I don't have a favorite out of that group."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

DM: "They are a great organization that has a great group of coaches. Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Cale) Gundy, along with Coach (Brent) Venables, are a great bunch of coaches that I can see myself playing with and having great success with."

JH: You are one of the elite running backs in the country this year, but there is a group of about 12 running backs nationally that are considered outstanding running backs. When one of those running backs commits to a particular school, does that effect your decision at all?

DM: "I couldn't care less what any other running back is doing or where they commit. I know what I can do and I have confidence in my abilities and what I can do. They can get commitments from five running backs or have five on campus and that isn't going to affect my decision. I will trust my abilities and go to the school that is the best school for me."

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