Past knee injuries force White's retirement

Former Sooner quarterback Jason White officially announced his retirement on Friday. See inside for White's comments about his decision. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Below are quotes from James Hale's conversation with former Oklahoma quarterback Jason White on this retirement from professional.

Is it true that you've retired from football?
"Yep, I'm hanging it up. My knee's just can't go anymore. It's gotten to the point I really can't do my drops. They hurt so much that I just can't really drop and throw the football like I want to."

At what point did you first start considering this?
"Basically, I decided today but the coching staff knew about it yesterday. My quarterback coach (Norm Chow) talked to me yesterday and knew I was thinking about it, even though I was playing really well. He was already noticing my drops were slower and I was throwing in pain."

What did Chow say when you told him of your decision?
"Coach Chow wasn't mean to me, but he told me, matter of factly, that I wasn't going to make the team because o my knee. My right right knee has very little cartilatge left in it. I actually saw a doctor here in camp who told me he's amazed that I'm even running on them at all."

How hard is it to give up football?
"I'm a competitor and I thought I was playing well and had a chance to make the team. But I've always known that since I had these knee injuries that I might not be able to play. I've prepared myself for this day mentally."

So what's next for you?
"I really don't have any idea right now, but I have several options."

You've always said that you wouldn't look back and enjoy your career at Oklahoma until after your football career was over. Now that it is officially over, are you ready to talk about your great legacy at Oklahoma?
"Can we give it a few days? (laughs). No, you're right. I'm proud of what I accomplished at OU. I can look at those numbers and all the wins we've had and look at them in a different light now that my career is over."

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