RECRUITING: Five-star OL set for visit to Norman

Forestville, Md. OL Antonio Logan-El talks about his summer, early list and interest in Oklahoma.

Antonio Logan-El, OL, 6-5, 310, 5.2, FORESTVILLE, MD:

JH: How are your workouts going?

ALE: "I am just getting back from a workout where we had a seven-on-seven drill and I got a chance to play linebacker and tight end. I found out that I could play those positions if they wanted me to. That gives me great confidence going into the season. My personal goal is to be the MVP this year and I think I might have to play more positions than just offensive tackle and defensive tackle. If I could get a couple of interceptions at linebacker or catch a couple of touchdown passes, then that might help me out. I want to have a great year this year."

JH: Did you go to any camps or take any unofficial visits this summer?

ALE: "I did a little bit of everything. I went to the Virginia Tech camp and earned MVP honors. And then went to the Maryland top recruit camp and earned MVP. I was scheduled to go to the Blacksburg camp but came down with walking pneumonia. I took an unofficial visit to Virginia and my recruiter is Ron Prince, who is the recruiting coordinator and the offensive line coach. Then I also visited Penn State. I have set up a couple of official visits. I am going to Oklahoma on September 2. I have set a visit for October 8 at Ohio State. I believe that is going to be a night game and a pretty good game."

JH: You caught walking pneumonia this summer?

ALE: "I took three days off. My doctor wanted me to take a week off, but I was on a roll with my workouts. I had been working hard for two straight months and I had improved my conditioning, so I knew I couldn't take that much time off. So for those three days, I stayed in bed and I got some good rest, and then I went back to my workouts. I took it slow, but I was able to keep the workouts going."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

ALE: "The Sooners are in my top five. Once I get a chance to visit them and get a chance to meet their coaches and players and then see the environment that they have, they could move into my top two. If things go like I expect they could be one of my top two schools. They have a great O-line, a great tradition. I think Oklahoma is going to be one of my top schools. I keep in contact with Coach (Kevin) Wilson by text-message and e-mail."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up for you at this point?

ALE: "Maryland and Penn State are co-leaders. All the other schools are trying to get up there with Maryland and Penn State. Take Oklahoma for instance, they are not up there right now because I haven't seen them and I don't know what their campus and program is like in person. The same goes for Tennessee and Florida. Once I see Oklahoma, or one of the other programs, my top schools could change. I have seen Maryland and Penn State several times and I know what their college is all about."

JH: When to you hope to make a decision?

ALE: "My goal is to have all my visits done by late October and then get my decision done by signing day. That would allow me to get some things done that I need to get taken care of before signing day."

JH: What are some of the things that are important to you in making your decision?

ALE: "I have a value scale and chart that I go by that has given me my top five schools. This is based on 10 values that I have in mind:
1) A good coaching staff.
2) A good criminal justice program with a degree, and can I get a job with that degree? Some degrees go further than others.
3) I am looking for a program with a good team chemistry and how I can interact with those players.
4) I will take a good look at the living environment and facilities.
5) A teams' winning tradition and are they winning now?
6) Level of visibility.
7) Their rate of playing freshmen. I want a shot at playing as a freshman.
8 ) Academic support.
9) Graduation rate.
10) Are they sending their players to the NFL?

"This list is prioritized from greatest to least from what I feel are the most important aspects of it to the least important.."

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