RECRUITING: Five-star DT planning lots of visits

Gerald McCoy grew up wanting to be a Sooner, but that won't stop him from checking out other schools.


JH: Has your team started practice yet?

GM: "Today was the first of pads and tomorrow is our Blue and White game at eight in the morning."

JH: Are you going to be at Oklahoma's scrimmage following the game?

GM: "I am probably going to be there."

JH: You have talked to a million people this summer about recruiting and been to a bunch of practices and schools. Are you glad you are finally getting a chance to play football again?

GM: "I love every minute of it. I missed it so much and I am so happy to be back in it. I am sore, but loving every minute of it. Today was our first day in pads, so last night I slept in my football pants."

JH: Do you have any big guys on your team to go up against you?

GM: "We have a couple of guys as big as me. One of them got hurt, but the other one is still there. His name is Conrad Waters and he plays offensive tackle and defensive tackle."

JH: Now that you are a well-known player thanks to recruiting, do you think teams will play you differently this year?

GM: "I have been getting double-teamed since I was a freshman, so I am used to it. That doesn't bother me any more. They may move a third one over there this year, but I will figure out a way to beat that, just like Tommie Harris at OU. He was always getting double and triple teamed, but he figured out a way to beat it."

JH: Have you set any of your visits?

GM: "No, sir. I think I have a feeling what I am going to do, but I haven't set any of them up yet."

JH: Who do you think you will visit?

GM: "That will be Miami, USC, Notre Dame, LSU and Tennessee. I have been to OU so much that I know everything about them, so I am not going to take an official visit there. I have hung around with players, talked to coaches, seen them practice, been to games and seen the facilities. The only thing I have to learn more about is about their academics, and I can go over that at any time. I know so much about OU that I don't need to take an official visit."

JH: Are those your top six schools?

GM: "I am going to more than just those schools on unofficial visits. Those are just schools that I have to fly to, but if I can drive to a school I will take an unofficial. LSU might be off my list because I think I can drive there. I am considering driving to Nebraska, LSU, Kansas State, and I have already been to Kansas. I might go to Texas Tech or Texas A&M. I have been down to OSU so many times that I don't know if I would visit them unofficially or not."

JH: What do you think about OU at this time?

GM: "You know, the people say that OU is going to be in a rebuilding stage over the next three years, but I don't think they are going to have to rebuild anything. They have brought in some great talent over the last three years and even though they lost of good talent, they still have a lot of great talent on the roster. I don't know if they are going to go undefeated again, but they could. I think they are going to finish in the top three."

JH: Are you thinking seriously about signing with OU?

GM: "I am extremely serious. I have liked OU since I was a little boy. When I was little I told everybody that I was going to OU. But I started thinking about a lot of other schools and I realize that there are a lot of other schools out here that are good schools. I recently heard from Virginia Tech, and they have a heck of a football program."

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