Two Minute Drill: Chuck Long

Oklahoma offensive coodinator Chuck Long talks about the offense and quarterback's play in Wednesday night's scrimmage.

The Oklahoma Sooners completed their third scrimmage of training camp Wednesday night, and the big question on everyone's mind was how did the quarterbacks play?

After the scrimmage, caught up with OU Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long to get his answer to that question and much more.

JH: It was another scrimmage where you threw the ball a bunch by design, wasn't it?

CL: Yes, because again, we didn't have our top running backs and we wanted to see how our quarterbacks reacted under pressure. I think we had 94 snaps and we probably had 15 to 20 runs, maybe a little bit more than that. You get the idea. We are trying to find some things out right now."

JH: What did you think overall of the performance by the offense?

CL: "Oh, some good and some not so good. The big thing with me, and with us, is to not to give it to them. That is the big thing. Both of them have shown a lot of growth in that department, but they are not all the way there yet. It takes time and takes patience."

JH: The defense looked like it was having a good day getting pressure on your quarterbacks. How do you feel like your team handled the pressure?

CL: "Sometimes we did and sometimes we didn't. We had some good pockets sometimes, and then we didn't handle it as well. A lot of that inconsistency was our quarterback getting rid of the football and making the right read. We purposely threw it a lot just to see, not only how the offensive line would do with protection, but also what our quarterbacks could do. That also includes our wide receivers, as we are still trying to find that third, fourth and fifth receiver. Those spots are still up for grabs right now."

JH: As a whole, how do you feel your offense performed?

CL: "It wasn't one of our better days, but again we came out going with not what we really don't want to do offensively as much as we passed the football today. We are going to run the ball, we are going to establish that in every game. The next 10 to 11 days on campus are going to be toward establishing our run game, which we have somewhat in camp already. However, we needed to see some other things today, and we also needed to see some different personnel groups and some plays with those groups. So, we put them out on the field to see what they looked like."

JH: Rhett (Bomar) said that he knew he forced a ball or two in the scrimmage, and I asked him if he felt he had to do that to make something happen against a defense that had some petty tight coverage on his receivers. Do you like the fact he tried to make something happen or would you rather see him show more patience?

CL: "Yeah, and that is the thing, you have to be patient as a quarterback. I need to see if they are patient, and that is the big thing. If that means 20 dumps in a row, then dump it off 20 times in a row. That is why quarterbacks, all of a sudden, feel they have to stick that ball in there this time because they have dumped it off 20 times. We don't want that if it is not there. It is learning patience in the quarterback, as a young player."

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