Stoops' Friday Practice Quotes

OU head coach Bob Stoops talked about the transfer of Tommy Grady, Adrian Peterson's role in the passing game and the suprise play of cornerback D.J. Wolfe after Friday's practice.

Bob Stoops did met with the media Friday and he didn't seem overally happy with practice after practice.

However, there were a couple of comments that I thought were interesting. Stoops was asked if he was glad that the Tommy Grady situation was now settled and out of the way.

Media: Are you glad to get the Tommy Grady situation out of the way?

BS: No, that wasn't a problem. I don't know what you mean by that — by saying I was glad to get it out of the way. There was nothing to get out of the way. It is an unfortunate situation and I wish the circumstances weren't as they were and he would have had more of an opportunity out here. We went about our business as usual and it is too bad that Tommy couldn't be out here to compete.

JH: Is the quarterback position the one position on the team where it is almost going to be impossible to have quality numbers?

BS: I would say yes. Any more I would have to say probably. Guys want to play and there are probably not too many schools that have real good depth at quarterback or big numbers at that position.

JH: Is the maximum number just two any more?

BS: I don't know, but you would think you would have three, or surely you can have three. But sometimes that may not be the case.

MEDIA: How do you plan to get Adrian Peterson more involved with the the offense?

BS: He is just going to be involved in more pass sets. We intend to have him in the game on quite a few and more passing situations. He has really good hands, to be quite honest with you, and just as much as anything last year it was not to over-burden him with all the protections and all intricancies of the passing game. He concentrated on running the ball last year and he did a heck of a job with that. So, now the next evolution is to get him hopefully five to 10 more touches a game through the passing game. That can only help him and us.

MEDIA: He has improved a lot as a pass receiver since he first got here, hasn't he?

BS: Well, you don't know that because I don't know that he never didn't have great hands. We never said he coudn't catch the ball. I have always felt he could catch the ball, but he is just showing it more because we are giving him more opportunities. To be quite honest, he has good hands so that is not a problem. I think again, as much as anything, we didn't want to overload him a year ago.

MEDIA: What do you think of the play of D.J. Wolfe?

BS: "He has been very strong, very solid and quite honestly very good. He is consistently good. Of everybody out there, he is playing the most consistent and the best."

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