RECRUITING: OU still in the hunt for Maryland DT

Brandywine, Md. defensive tackle Phillip Taylor update.

Phillip Taylor, DT, 6-4, 340, 5.1, BRANDYWINE (GWYNN PARK HS), MARYLAND:

JH: How are early workouts going?

PT: "My two-a-days went well and our first scrimmage was yesterday. We did well as a team and went 2-0-1 in the Jamboree. Overall, I did well and stayed low. I got all my blocks on offense and I had about 10 tackles on defense altogether. I would have had some sacks, but we couldn't sack the quarterback."

JH: There seems to be a lot of good players, guys who are getting heavily recruited in your area. Have you played against many of those players?

PT: "I have played against Logan-El and two of my teammates are being recruited by Maryland. I went against J.B. Walton at the Elite College Combine. I don't think people across the country think we have that many good football players in Maryland, but I think we play some good football. My team went 11-1 last year and our entire defense is back this year."

JH: What positions are you going to play this season?

PT: "I am going to play both offensive tackles and then on defense I will play defensive tackle until we go into a 3-4, and then I will play defensive end."

JH: Last time we talked you said you liked defense better. Is that still the case or now that you are getting recruited on both sides of the ball, do you like offense any better now?

PT: "I like playing both, but I prefer defense. I will play anywhere that my college coaches want me to play. I just want to win. Sometimes I will have to sacrifice for the team by playing a position they want me to play to win."

JH: How is recruiting going with you at the moment?

PT: "I have a top five or six and a top three that is sticking out the most to me right now. My top three are Maryland, Penn State and Virginia Tech. Then following them are Florida, Tennessee and Oklahoma. As of right now, I don't have a No. 1 team. I have a top three, but all six schools still have a good chance to sign me."

JH: What do you think about Oklahoma?

PT: "The thing about Oklahoma that I like is that they have the No. 1 offensive line in the nation, yet they always have great defensive lines as well. Oklahoma is a great linemen school. Oklahoma also has Adrian Peterson and he is a great running back. Blocking for him can make all of us a success, even he knows that he has to have a great offensive line to be a success. I want to visit Oklahoma, but I have to talk that over with my parents. I have a serious interest in OU, but I have to check things out with my parents and see what their thoughts are."

JH: Is distance a factor with you?

PT: "Distance isn't really a factor with me righ nowt. In some cases, it just depends on how comfortable I am with that school.

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