Wright says secondary ahead of schedule

Oklahoma secondary coach Bobby Jack Wright talks about the progress of safety Darien Williams (pictured above) and his young secondary this fall, and who might be starting where on Sept. 3 against TCU

The OU secondary has been outstanding thus far in training camp, and with one more real week of camp left defensive backs coach Bobby Jack Wright has little time left to make decisions who he wants to play where in the secondary.

So just what is the coach thinking with one week to go? Wright talked with OUInsider.com recently for the Two Minute Drill to give us his latest thoughts on the Sooner secondary.

JH: With one week to go with training camp, how do you feel things are going in the secondary?

BJW: "James, I really feel good about where things are right now. I really feel pretty good about the two-deep. As I have said all along, our corners have really had a great camp and they continue to impress me. Our safeties finally, today (Saturday), really started to catch on. I knew it would be only a matter of time because they have a lot more on them from a mental standpoint. It is a little more difficult to learn the safety position because of all the calls, checks, motion adjustments and formation adjustments. From a mental standpoint, it is a tough task for those guys and it just takes a little bit more time and a little more recognition, more reps and those kinds of things.

"Today, we were really pretty clean at the safety position. We had very few busts and we got all of our calls in, all of our rotations set the right way, so that is starting to develop and solidify itself. I feel a little bit better there. With another week to go, I feel we are right on schedule and maybe a little ahead of schedule of what I would expect getting ready for our first ballgame. I feel real confident."

JH: Do you still have competition for playing time at the four positions or are there some things settled at this point?

BJW: "Our philosophy here, and the way it has always been and will always continue that way, is that you have competition for playing time every single day. If you don't come out and play everyday, then those jobs don't belong to any individual, they belong to the University of Oklahoma. Our guys know that, and we preach that to them every day that every practice you have to come out and compete to win a job. You have to compete to win every snap and, because of the fact that we have some pretty good competition at individual spots, the guys are really practicing at a high level.

"At the scrimmage situations, they have participated and competed there at a really high level, so they know what our expectations are. They know what our demands on them are, so from that standpoint it is always open."

JH: Talk about what you plan to do at corner and what about the safety position as well?

BJW: "At the corner, I really feel good D.J. Wolfe and Chijioke (Onyenegecha). If Marcus (Walker) can get back, and he has been back the last two practices, and get healthy then we have he and Eric Bassey backing up. Those are two guys who are good solid backups, without any question. They are potential starters themselves. So, I feel pretty good at corner.

"The safety situation is starting to come around and I really like Darien Williams at free safety and I think he will be our starter in game one. At strong safety, Lewis Baker continues to work and improve there.

"We have moved Reggie Smith to strong safety and he is pushing for playing time behind Lewis. Jason Carter, Tony Cade and Nic Harris are also working at free safety. We have lot of guys trying to back up Darrien, just trying to decide on a real solid backup there. There is a lot of competition for both of those spots."

(Note: Freshman Brian Jackson, who played well in the third scrimmage, did not follow that up with good practices. At this point, it looks like he will be redshirted this year.)

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