RECRUITING: Bedlam battle for Muskogee DE?

Is Derek Burton's Oklahoma State family ties too much for the Sooners to overcome?

Derek Burton, DE, 6-2, 245, MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA:

JH: How are things going? I hear a lot of noise in the background, are you at a game or something?

DB: "I am watching my little brother Jeremy play in an eight grade game. He is almost as big as me right now. He is going to be a big boy and is growing into his body right now. He plays defensive tackle."

JH: How good is Muskogee going to be this year?

DB: "We should to be good enough to get past the first round. We have been knocked out in the first round the last couple of years, but this year we should be able to make a run at the title. We can't afford any injuries, but if we can stay healthy we can be pretty good."

JH: Are you going to visit anywhere the first weekend in September?

DB: "I will probably take some unofficial visits during the season, but I don't plan on taking my official visits until my season is over with."

JH: Have you narrowed your recruiting down to a top two or three at this point?

DB: "I haven't cut anybody from the list. I only have eight official offers and I don't want to cut anybody right now. I have been offered by Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Tennessee and another school in the Big 12."

JH: Is it safe to say that OU and OSU are still your top two schools?

DB: "My dad went to Oklahoma State, so I have been Orange and Black for a long time. I like watching them play. Then Oklahoma is always winning something and I love watching them play. Oklahoma is a great program and those two teams are probably my favorite teams."

JH: Since you have grown up an OSU fan, are the Cowboys going to be tough to turn down?

DB: "I wouldn't say they are going to be tough to turn down, but for a long time OSU was all that I knew and all that I thought about. Then I started getting all these offers from some great schools and that opened my eyes a little bit. I just want to take my visits and see what is out there for me."

JH: Like many OSU fans, did you grow up hating OU?

DB: "No, I didn't grow up hating OU or anything. I watched OU play, but we have been Orange and Black around my house for a long time. When I was little I would come in the house and my dad would be watching OSU. You know, I couldn't change the channel or anything so I watched OSU a lot."

JH: Are you looking forward to your season opener on the road at Rogers, Arkansas?

DB: "I can't wait for that game. I know they throw the ball a lot and that means I need to get busy and put pressure on that quarterback. My goal is to get two sacks in that game. It should be a great game because I hear they are picked to win the state championship."

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