Bomar: "I want to be the guy"

Redshirt frehman quarterback Rhett Bomar talked about his battle with Paul Thompson for the starting quarterback spot after Tuesday's practice.

Today is the last scrimmage before the season opener against TCU, and we still don't know who the starting quarterback is going to be.

Junior Paul Thompson and redshirt freshman Rhett Bomar go into that all important final scrimmage believing that they are going to be the starting quarterback against TCU. Bomar is very confident that when the Sooners take the field against TCU, he will be the first one under center.

After a grinding practice on Tuesday, Bomar stopped long enough to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Are you going to be glad when they finally announce who the starting quarterback is, no matter what the outcome is going to be?

RB: "No, because I want to be the guy. And if I am not the guy, I am not going to be happy that it is over if I am not the guy. As far of the aspect of everybody asking you about the race, and that is the main thing in the newspapers in Oklahoma all the time, from that aspect I will be glad the there is some kind of decision. I want to be the guy, so I am not going to be satisfied until that final part of the equation."

JH: In many ways the competition is never over anyway. You don't think Paul is going to quit competing do you if you are named the starter? And you are not going to quit competing if Paul is named, right? The competition will continue after tomorrow, don't you agree?

RB: "You are exactly right, because we are competitors. I don't think it is ever completely closed, unless you have a situation like Jason last year coming back for that extra year. We knew that he was the guy. I think it is always going to be open. If one guy is not the guy they are going to keep working hard, because in reality if you are the backup you are one play away.

"If you work hard at practice you also might get the opportunity to go into practice and take over the position. You just never know what is going to happen, because there are a bunch of different equations that can happen. You just have to keep working hard regardless."

JH: We haven't had a chance to watch the last few days of practice, so how do you feel you have performed recently?

RB: "I think I have been pretty good this past week. I think it has been a pretty good week. I have protected the football really wellm and that is important. In the last two scrimmages, I didn't do a great job of that. That had not been my problem before then because this spring I had the least interceptions of anybody, and when you look at our stats I did the best among the three. In these last two scrimmages, I have made a couple of mistakes and I have corrected those. This last week, I have done a real good job. If I just keep at it tomorrow I think I am going to be alright."

JH: Do you look at this last scrimmage with any more sense of urgency than the first three?

RB: "I guess for us, the quarterbacks, since they are going to make a decision later this week, then this scrimmage is a key for us. It is the last one so it is important to go out there and do well. For the older guys, it is probably not that big of a deal. They know it is going to be a short one and not get that much work. It is key for us (QBs) to go out there and do our job to make a good final impression."

JH: I know that you are a poised guy, but with the decision looming are you looking forward to hearing what that decision is?

RB: "Yeah, I am looking forward to it. I am ready to get it over with and then move to the next chapter — whatever that is. It is coming up fast and it seems like practice has gone by quick since spring. We have been competing since spring, into the summer and now in the fall. We have our first game in less than two weeks. It is coming up fast, so I am looking forward to the decision being made and I hope that I will be the guy."

JH: How do you feel the offense is coming along with less than two weeks to go before the season opener? Do you feel you still need a lot of work before the opener?

RB: "I think we are getting there. We are not completely there, but we have another week-and-a-half to get that right. I think since practices have been closed we have been able to work on our whole offense and work on things that not everybody can see — like all of our play-action stuff, plus all the things that we do with Adrian. I think, as an offense, we are coming along like we want to be."

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