Bomar, Thompson discuss Wednesday's scrimmage

See inside for Rhett Bomar and Paul Thompson's comments after Wednesday's final scrimmage.

Following Wednesday's scrimmage, redshirt freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar and junior Paul Thompson stopped to talk to the media about their performance and place in the QB race. Below is a transcript the media's conversation with Bomar and Thompson.

First up Rhett Bomar...

JH: Are you happy with how you played today?

RB: "Yeah, I think so. I think I went out there calm and just confident and ready to play. I made good decisions and got through it."

JH: How did you feel you and the offense did today?

RB: "It was good, but everybody is curious because you all did not get to see it did you?"

MEDIA: Did you do anything to win the job today?

RB: "I don't know. We worked on our main offense today. Not everybody has seen the play-action, and we worked on the running game more. We had a bunch of situational stuff and a bunch of goal-line stuff to start off the scrimmage. I thought I made good decisions. Those last two scrimmages have not been reflective of my ability, as I threw two picks in each one. I haven't thrown many picks before that. Regardless of what people might think, just because they think I am a risk-taker, in the spring I didn't throw many picks and I haven't thrown that many picks in practice. So today I was more myself, I made good decisions, did not turn the ball over and moved the offense."

JH: Did you make any bad plays today like you admit that you did in the last two scrimmages? Did you throw any touchdowns in today's scrimmage?

RB: "I had a touchdown in goal-line. We were working on our 12 seconds left and you have three plays, and you either have to throw the ball away or throw it in the end zone. I hit Bubba Moses in the end zone. Like I said, we had a bunch of situational stuff today and it wasn't like a normal scrimmage at all. We worked on our situational offense. No, I didn't throw any picks."

JH: How did the offense perform today?

RB: "It was good, but we held a lot of people out today. AD didn't go, J.D. didn't go, and neither did Travis and Rank. We got a lot of work for the two's and we got 35 to 40 plays or something like that. We had a lot of running plays and a lot of play-action, but it went good overall."

And Paul Thompson...

JH: How did things go for the offense today?

PT: "I think the main thing was that we came out here wanting to drive it in from the start. We were working on goal-line, and that is kind of more attitude than anything else. We definitely did a good job as we were pushing and getting good yardage."

JH: How did you feel you did today?

PT: "I think it went pretty well, but I say it every scrimmage that there are things that I can improve on. On one pass, I went to the wrong side and we were able to come back from that, but that is some of the stuff that you like to get out of the way in a scrimmage. I thought we did that."

MEDIA: What did you improve on this summer and did you improve in all the areas that you wanted to?

PT: "I think I improved on just about everything that I wanted to improve on. It is just that it is different levels of improvement. I improved on footwork, getting my release quicker, reading the defense quicker, but I made a list of things that I wanted to improve on, and I definitely improved in all those things."

MEDIA: Will you be anxiously waiting out the next couple of days?

PT: "Yeah, definitely. I am real anxious and what happens… happens."

JH: Did you throw any touchdowns today or any interceptions?

PT: "There are still things I can work on. I think we had a couple of good drives where we moved the ball. If we didn't score we at least got good field position for field goal or field position to punt the ball. I felt real good doing that."

MEDIA: Have the coaches told you anything about when they will make a decision?

PT: "Nope, I haven't heard anything. I am waiting just like you guys."

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