Slam Your Opinion: Q&A with Gov. Brad Henry

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry talks Sooner football with

TH: Who is your favorite Sooner of all time, and why?

Henry: I think I am too much of a longtime fan to have a single favorite Sooner football player -- Joe Washington, Billy Sims, Lee Roy Selmon, Steve Owens, Josh Heupel and many others come to mind. But I think a particular standout is Jason White, whose personal story of perseverance, determination and triumph really makes him one of the most inspiring sports figures in recent memory.

TH: What will be the friendly wager between you and Rick Perry, governor of Texas, for this year's Red River Rivalry?

Henry: I don't know what the wager will be this year. Thanks to last year's win by the Sooners, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma received a full side of beef from Gov. Perry that went on to feed a lot of hungry Oklahomans. I anticipate something along those lines this year, but no decision has been made yet.

In the world of college sports, the annual OU-Texas match-up at the Cotton Bowl is a truly special event. Roughly halfway between both campuses and with fans evenly split, it's more than a great game -- it's a rich tradition with a legacy of its own.

I won't go out on a limb and predict a score for the upcoming season, but I have every confidence that coach Stoops and his Sooners will prevail again this year.

TH: Who is going to start at quarterback? Rhett Bomar or Paul Thompson?

Henry: I don't know the answer to that question, but having an abundance of superior talent on a single team is certainly an enviable dilemma for any coach to have.

TH: Your prediction on the Sooners' road to another national championship?

Henry: It's going to be a challenging year because we lost Jason White and a number of other terrific seniors. I think this team has tremendous potential and talent, however, and I have faith in coach Stoops' abilities.

It's important to remember that no one anticipated OU would go on to the national championship in 2000, but that's exactly what happened.

TH: Your thoughts on Bob Stoops and what he has done for OU?

Henry: There's no question that OU football has made a tremendous return to form under coach Stoops. He is a great coach; that much is obvious. Under his leadership, the Sooners have won a national championship, made it to two other national championship games and earned three Big 12 Conference championships.

But his on-field skills are matched by his off-field sportsmanship. Coach Stoops has shown himself to be a man of integrity, grace and utter professionalism.

TH: What games do you plan to attend this season?

Henry: All the home games and one road game, that is OU vs Texas. I will not miss that game.


I'll slam my opinion. It was great for Gov. Henry to take time out of his busy schedule to talk about the passion that he has for the Sooners. Gov. Henry spoke of the rich history of the Sooners, as well as the present and his optimism of the future.

Gov. Henry is like all of us on Saturday when watching the Sooners -- he is a true fan. His opinions are graceful and he's a classy individual, and that's my opinion.

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