Bomar ready to perform when called upon

OU quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about his backup role and this Saturday's matchup against TCU.

Redshirt freshman Rhett Bomar goes into the TCU game as the backup quarterback to starter Paul Thompson.

Thompson won the battle by a tight margin during training camp, but the competition was so close that the OU coaches have decided to play both quarterbacks Saturday against TCU. Just how much Bomar will play and when remains to be seen, but it appears he is going to get legitimate reps in the first and second half.

Blessed with a continued chance, Bomar will continue to push Thompson for the starting role, and that was never more evident today as Bomar met with the media.

JH: Rhett, you have been waiting for a long time to play a game at OU. How do you feel about your opportunity finally being here?

RB: "It is exciting, of course, because I haven't played in a game in over a year. I haven't been hit or anything like that in a game experience. I am tired of practice. Practice is a different atmosphere because it is low-key and kind of boring. We have been going up against our own guys forever since the spring. I want to go against somebody new and get into that game atmosphere, which is a little more exciting."

JH: It is not as simple as getting back on a bike? Or is it once that you step back into that game in one play you will be totally ready to go?

RB: "Yeah, it is probably as easy as that. It is a little different than the last game that I played in high school with those high school all-star games. I think once you get that first hit and you experience that again, I think I will be fine."

JH: You have always talked about the fact that your biggest challenge is adjusting to the speed of the game in college, so are you now up to speed or do you feel you still have a ways to go?

RB: "I am sure in a real game the speed will be a little bit different just because the game is different. As far as the speed in the college game, I am adjusted to that just fine. In reality, we are not going to face many defenses faster than ours that we go up against every day. I don't think that is going to be a problem at all."

JH: When the decision was made you vowed to keep fighting and the coaches really appreciated your competitive nature in your reaction. However, now that you are going into a game you have to put your individual quest behind you because now the game is what is most important?

RB: "Yeah, that is true. You have to put the team first. Of course, I want what is best for this team. I want us to win, but I also want to play and I am going to get my opportunities. When I go in there I just have to show everybody what I have because nobody has seen me in a game atmosphere yet. I am excited to go out there and play."

MEDIA: Do you have any expectations concerning how much you will play?

RB: "I don't. I know just about as much as you all. There have been a bunch of possibilities discussed, but I guess we will see what happens on Saturday."

MEDIA: Since the choice has been made, do you and Paul still get along off the field?

RB: "We have a real good relationship. We laugh and joke on the field and have a good time in the meetings. We are friends. You can't hate a guy just because we are in a competition. We both want the same thing, nothing is his fault. We have a real good relationship."

MEDIA: Do you still look at the quarterback position as an open competition?

RB: "I have to because I am going to get my opportunity to play. We will have to see what happens from there. I am just going to go in there and play my game. You have to look at it that way because if you don't then you are not going to make anything of it."

JH: You said before that you felt that scrimmages two and three were your downfall in the competition. What was it that you felt in the scrimmages went wrong?

RB: "I don't think it was one interception or anything. I think I made a couple bad decisions, but I had been doing really well before that. I just had a couple of bad decisions and that happens to a young quarterback sometimes. That had not been normal for me in the spring or in scrimmages. I don't think that is going to be a problem and I think that part of my game is gone."

JH: When you get into the game aren't you going to look forward to playing making a bunch of plays?

RB: "Exactly, you want to make plays when you go out there. I will protect the football, as I said that wasn't a big problem until those two scrimmages. I know everybody wants to make a big deal out of it, but that hasn't been my thing. If you look back in the spring and early in the fall, you won't see that kind of stuff. Yeah, I want to go out there and make plays. I think I will do that when I go out there and everybody will see the kind of player that I am."

JH: How much will the fact Adrian Peterson and J.D. Runnels will be going full speed help the quarterbacks in the game? Neither player played much in training camp.

RB: "I haven't had a chance to experience those two in the same backfield. I am looking forward to it because they are going to stack the box and they are going to make the quarterback beat them. There is going to be opportunities for big plays. I can guarantee that. It is going to be fun having AD back there, such a great player like that. A quarterback's best friend is a great running back. He is going to help out a lot."

JH: Does TCU stuff the box more than the normal team OU faces?

RB: "They do. They try to stop the run. That is what they pride themselves on and they have been pretty good at it in the past. They will put that eight-man box up there and we will just have to beat them deep."

MEDIA: What do you think people are going to think about your fiery attitude once they see it in a game?

RB: "That is just the way that I am. I am a competitor and I am fiery. I will get excited when I play. I think people will be surprised when they watch me play because I am not one of those guys doesn't say anything and goes out there and lags around. I get excited, jump around and make plays. I don't think people know that aspect of me because I never played in a game yet."

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