RECRUITING: Virginia RB impressed despite loss

Fairfax, Va. running back Evan Royster update.

Evan Royster, RB, 6-0, 190, 4.5, FAIRFAX (WESTFIELD HS), VIRGINIA:

JH: What did you think about your visit to OU this weekend?

ER: "I liked it. It was fun. I got to meet with a lot of players. It was just a good time and I got to hang out with them and just see what they were like."

JH: So despite the loss, the players still showed you a good time?

ER: "Yeah, definitely. You can't play good every game. They were real good guys."

JH: What did you think of the game atmosphere surrounding an OU football game and the facilities?

ER: "Obviously, it is a town that cares so much about football. OU has fans that come to all the games, come every year, and have for so long. The atmosphere at the game was just tremendous. I had seen the facilities before and they are nice, but nothing surprised me this time around."

JH: Did you get out and see the campus much?

ER: "I actually got to go around campus this time, so I got a chance to see more of campus this time. I got more of a chance to see the academic center and you could tell that the people that work there care about the athletes and their academics."

JH: What influence did your visit to OU have on your thinking about the Sooners?

ER: "It puts Oklahoma up higher. I really like them. I liked them before so that doesn't change anything too much. The visit definitely helps Oklahoma."

JH: How does Oklahoma stack up in your mind with the other schools that you are considering?

ER: "It is hard to say because I haven't gone to a visit anywhere."

JH: Did the visit enhance your chances of signing with the Sooners?

ER: "Yeah, definitely."

JH: What did you think of the running game and the OU offense on Saturday?

ER: "I know they have a good running back with Adrian Peterson, but they couldn't open anything up for him because they didn't throw the ball real well yesterday. Once they start passing the ball better they will be able to run the ball better."

JH: What plans have you set up for future visits?

ER: "I don't have any plans. I am still talking to Alabama, Tennessee and Florida State."

JH: I am sure you had a chance to talk to Coach Bob Stoops, so what were your impressions of him?

ER: "He is a nice guy, but I have talked to him before on my last visit there."

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