OU-TCU Locker Room Report

Bob Stoops, Chuck Long, Kevin Wilson, Paul Thompson, Rhett Bomar, Davin Joseph, Adrian Peterson and Brent Venables break down Saturday's loss to TCU. Peterson's 63 rushing yards against the Horned Frogs was the second-lowest single-game output of his career. (AP Photo/Ty Russell)

It was one of the most shocking defeats during the Bob Stoops era. I don't say the most shocking, because the OSU upset in Norman in 2001, Kansas State upset in the Big 12 Championship game in 2003, loss to LSU in the National Championship game in 2003 and the lopsided loss to USC in the National Championship game in 2004 were troubling, as well and of more significance.

Nobody saw this coming. I repeat..nobody saw this coming. OU Head Coach Bob Stoops will tell us that he was concerned. However, nobody else did, or at least they won't admit it.

Sure, OU respected TCU because this coaching staff never takes another team for granted, and they certainly weren't going to take the TCU coaching staff for granted. Many of the coaches on the OU staff knew Coach Gary Patterson personally and many of the other coaches on the TCU staff as well.

It was OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables who told us in the Two Minute Drill on Friday that TCU had an elite coaching staff with great pedigrees. Venables also praised TCU senior quarterback Tye Gunn, saying when he is healthy he is one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

Bob Stoops said on Monday and Tuesday that TCU had a disappointing year in 2004, but the two years before that they were an outstanding football team and that he felt they would be good again.

So, TCU didn't catch Oklahoma off guard, nor did they do anything to surprise the Sooners. What caught the Sooner coaching staff off guard was the play of their own team and how the game played out.

"I felt we were stronger and had a little more attitude to us than this," said Coach Stoops following the game. "I just don't feel we're near as tough as we need to be and compete the way we need to. I told the players that just because we've done it before doesn't mean we are going to do it again. Sometimes I think they, you know, they may tune me out.

"They have heard me over and over and it's usually OK, we do pretty well. That's not always the case and you can't take it for granted (winning). We have to make a lot of improvement. We have to do a better job as coaches if we are going to have a chance to have any kind of success at all."

In several post-practice talks to the team after training camp, we could hear Coach Stoops telling his team that maybe they weren't good enough, maybe they weren't tough enough, and that maybe they didn't know what it takes to win. He got into that kind of talk more than once following a practice.

However, a coach even as great as Stoops can only talk so much. Eventually, the team has to fire and take responsibility for their own ability. He and the Oklahoma coaching staff always felt that by the time the first game rolled around that the team would respond and play like Sooners.

Against TCU, the team never played like Sooner teams of the last two years, but maybe that is to be expected. The Sooners lost a great deal of talent last year and several great stars that helped them win so many great games over the last three years.

I know many of you were just like me sitting there saying to yourself who was going to step up and be the next Mark Clayton, Dan Cody, Jonathan Jackson, Jason White, Jammal Brown, Mark Bradley, Brandon Jones or Wes Sims?

That is a great deal of talent to lose and there is still more that graduated or left who are playing in the NFL starting next week. So, the Sooners lost a great deal of talent, but they also recruit great talent. But sometimes that young talent has to step up and show they can be great players, and that wasn't evident yesterday.

"We graduate players every year, every team does. So, that isn't a big deal," said a frustrated Adrian Peterson (22-63-1TD) following the game. "They (coaches) recruit well around here and we have good players. I don't now what happened today. TCU came in and played their butt off. That is all I can say. I don't know what happened, but we need to get it fixed because we can play a lot better than this. I really don't want to run the ball outside, I want to hit it inside. This will be a good game to learn from."

After the game, Peterson said he thought his ankle sprain was doing OK and that he would play against Tulsa.


To say the Sooners were shocked after the game is an understatement. A headline screamed in the Oklahoman that the Sooners were sore losers, but that really isn't the case.

The Sooners were so shocked they didn't know what to do. There fans were booing them, they were embarrassed and they knew they had just let down their former teammates and fans a like. The safest haven during trouble times for a football player is the locker room, and that is where the majority of the players headed. They all had a stunned look on their faces and many had played like they were stunned during the game.

My cohort on WWLS — Al Eschbach — said that all of us (media) had oversold this team. That we had all bought into the hype about this team and that in reality they have a long way to do and a lot to prove. However, all through training camp the coaches were confident that this team would be good. Sure, they worried about some inexperience at certain positions, especially quarterback, but they felt they had talent across the board and would play well against TCU. However, the team just didn't meet the coaches' expectation.

"I don't know what to say," said Stoops after the game. "Is it the attitude, the discipline, and the toughness we come out and play with? Is it the play calling? You know, you can mix it all together. It's hard to put your finger on it. If you can do it and do it successfully like that, why can't you do it again and again? What I am saying is that we weren't just near as consistent, obviously, as you need to be."

Coach Stoops said that he is always concerned before a first game and he admitted in a conversation today (Sunday) that he was a little more concerned that he let on. In fact, he was so concerned that in the back of his mind he could see a poor game coming.

"A little bit, yes," said Stoops from his office on Sunday. "Just listening to Coach (Jerry) Schmidt through the summer was a little concerning, so I was concerned about this game a little bit. I always worry every year that players. I said that a year ago and it didn't come true, because we actually played well, but I am always concerned that guys feel just because we have done it — that we always do it.

"Guys who feel it is just that way, especially guys who have not done it before, think it just their right because they are here that winning just happens. It doesn't, obviously. Maybe they haven't earned it like other guys have. The bottom line is that I can't say totally that I saw this coming, but I can't say either that I didn't see it a little bit, yeah."


While the Sooners defense didn't play a great game, more of this loss falls on the shoulders of the offense. Oklahoma had 225 yards of total offense and only rushed for 97 yards. The Sooners graduated a number of offensive stars at quarterback, on the offensive line and at wide receiver, but outside of seniors Travis Wilson, J.D. Runnels, Davin Joseph and Peterson, none of them played well.

Despite the lack of experience and new players in key positions, offensive coordinator Chuck Long and run game Coordinator/offensive line coach Kevin Wilson never saw this poor play coming.

"No, you never want to admit that. To see it coming? I really don't know what that means," said Long Sunday from the Sooner office complex. "We still have players and we still have a team. We have a different offense, we have a different chemistry that you have to work on and develop every single year. This is certainly a different offense and a different chemistry than we had last year. That is probably more for the head coach. Assistant coaches get so locked into schemes and developing their own players at their position that we don't think that way. We don't think in terms that would we see it coming. The head coach sees the entire picture a lot better than we do."

"We win to win games now, but at the same time our quarterbacks will have to grow," Long continued. "We have to give them room to grow, and that is what is going to happen. I will do my best to do that. We are in the business of winning games as well, and that is the challenge before us and before me. I will get them there and I will get them to a winning point. It will happen."

As much we follow and watched as the quarterbacks struggle, the offensive line played just as bad, if not worse. Throughout training camp, Coach Wilson said he felt the offensive line was going to be pretty good and he was optimistic that the group would be good. So it goes without saying that he never saw this poor game coming.

"No," said Coach Wilson in a matter of fact tone. "Give credit to TCU, who had a good plan and came in and got after it. They have had a lot of success in the past and give credit to those guys for coming in and playing well. We thought we had been practicing in a pretty solid way, but now we need to take a look at what we are doing. Whether it is schematically, or with plays or personnel or whatever, we have to get back and look at ourselves and go from there."

After a disappointing first game, what are he biggest problems in the offensive line?

"I think personnel and attitude," said Wilson. "To me, in a short-yardage situation we can talk about that box being loaded, but when we don't knock that front off the ball it doesn't matter if there are four guys up there or 12 guys. You've got to get movement and come off the ball with an attitude and run the ball with velocity, with your running back sticking it in there. I think the key thing is the attitude of how we are playing offensively and taking a direct look at that. Then with the attitude — giving some guys a shot to see if maybe they can't bring a little bit more than the guys we currently have playing."

"We can always second-guess schemes," Wilson continued. "Bottom line — football is still blocking and tackling, and they blocked and tackled a lot better than we blocked."

In many ways you can call it a total offensive breakdown yesterday, and certainly coach Stoops found a number of things wrong with the Sooners' offensive performance.

"You know, the game isn't real complicated," said Coach Stoops following the game. "If you turn the ball over you are going to get beat, and we did. Those guys (quarterbacks) need to be more responsible with the ball. Some of that too, you take the blame as a coach. We've done it for seven years (not allow quarterbacks to get hit in practice) and we are not about to go getting them hit in scrimmages and then lose them for the season. You can't get them back. We're constantly preaching it (taking care of the ball) because those turnovers were a big part of the game. You just can't turn the ball over and win."

"Again, we just didn't execute and we had opportunities," Stoops continued. "I think on one opportunity we have a first down and five and we throw an interception. Then on another one we start off with a good run and I think it is second and five, so we run it again and we lose three yards. We miss a blocking assignment and let a down lineman run through through and hit us. Now it is third and eight. It is easy to say we'll run it again, but you just got hit for a three-yard loss. Then we had opportunities on the one throw as Lendy is open over the middle and we throw it behind him. You just have to execute and make plays when you get the opportunity, and we didn't do that."

Stoops has always had a good feel for his football team, and many times he has willed them into thinking and training as a championship team. This training camp was no different as he and his coaches worked hard to get them pointed in the right direction, only to be disappointed on Saturday.

"We worked harder in our camp than at any time before," said Stoops. "We had four scrimmages and we have never had four. We have tried to give them the snaps and the opportunities to learn and to be in position to play. However, players have to understand that and have to realize that they have to go do it now. They have to be the ones to make plays. You have to do it when it counts. There isn't any secret to it. They have to do it when it counts in games."

The first game always brings surprises, and normally for Oklahoma they have been good surprises, but this time around nothing worked right for the Sooners.

"That is what you always want to see from your team and why you are always anxious for that first game," said Stoops. "We are always wondering what they are going to compete like and how they are going to play. We didn't, obviously, against TCU. In fact, we did in a lousy way. Again, as coaches we will see if we are able to do something about it."

"On top of that, there was just some bad play too," Stoops continued. "We have guys when they are on blocks and should be blocking and they should be driving their defender back, but instead we go the wrong way. That happened on a run play that we have run 100 times. When that happens you are going to get beat to."


The Oklahoma quarterbacks played poorly Saturday, and their play did nothing to help the Sooners win.

"They were pretty average," said Stoops. "We had many opportunities to make plays in the passing game and couldn't convert on any of them. We had opportunities for first downs, to convert third down situations that you have to have, and also didn't convert them. A few times we were pressured more than we should have been, and at times when were we just didn't convert them. "

Coach Long didn't like how the quarterbacks played either.

"I will say that we had our opportunities and it could have easily been a whole different ballgame," said Long. "We took our shots and it didn't work out, but if you combine all those shots that we took — we hit them then it is a whole different deal. We would have more touchdowns and more yardage, but that just didn't happen."

After such a disappointing game and disappointing play at quarterback, the key question is whether the OU coaches will stick with the same quarterback rotation that they used against TCU or will they look to change who they play and how they play them against Tulsa?

Junior Paul Thompson played the majority of the game, as Rhett Bomar ran a total of 11 reps to Thompson's 57.

"We will see," said Stoops. "We are going to take a hard look at it and see what we feel we need to do."

Coach Long will be the coach that provides the biggest input into that decision, and it is an opinion that Coach Stoops trust. Despite his critics, Long has coached a Heisman Trophy winner and a Heisman runner-up during his career, so when it comes to quarterbacks he does know a thing or two.

Are the coaching thinking about coming up with something where they can play Bomar more?

"We are going to talk about it tonight and then make a firmer decision tomorrow," said Long. "Those things come after we watch the tape. We will discuss it tonight as a staff, and then I like to sit on it for a night and tomorrow we will discuss it some more and make a decision.

"We would have liked to get more time for Rhett in the game. We just felt we should keep Paul in there and give him a chance to win a game at the end. It just didn't happen. We wanted to get Rhett more time and certainly wanted to get him more snaps than that."

The question is whether the decision should have been made to give Rhett more time, or certainly more time late in the game when the Sooners needed to move the ball through the air. As it was, Thompson took the final two series and failed to the move the team to the tying score.

"That is easy to say right now after we lost the game and we didn't take it down the field at the end of the game," said Long. "That is the decision that we made. We feel strongly about Paul and still do. Paul is going to help us at some point and time. We still have a lot of games left this year. How it plays out from here — we will know a lot more tomorrow about which direction we want to go this week.

"I am in a situation with two guys who have never taken any significant snaps in a collegiate football game and they are young. It is going to be a challenge each and every week, and I am up for that. That is why I am here, and matter of fact I like those kind of challenges. I have had them in the past with the other guys we have here and this is a new and different type of challenge. But I am up for it and it is going to be fun."

Is it out of the question that Bomar could start on Saturday against Tulsa?

"No, that is not out of the question," said Long. "Certainly not, he could. "We are going to discuss all that tonight (Sunday) and then we are going to make some decisions tomorrow and then go with it. We will always call both of them in before we do anything. I am not going to surprise them at practice or in their meeting later that afternoon. I always keep communication lines open and it is important that you are keeping the other guy up as well.

"Whatever decision we make and wherever we go from there, it is important that I keep the backup or No. 2 ready. There is good chance that quarterback is going to be playing."

Does that mean OU is getting ready to go with one guy?

"No, I am not saying,' said Long. "I have an idea what we are going to do. I will throw that idea out and we will see where it sticks. Then as a coaching staff, we will think it over and make a decision."

You have to read between the lines, but it certainly reads like Bomar will get a lot more playing time against Tulsa.


Another point made often by fans concerns the offense holding things back for bigger games down the road. Coach Stoops has made reference often to this, but more often in jest and Coach Long is not going to doing that either.

"We are not in the business of holding anything back," said Long. "We go into games with a certain plan and work that plan. We make adjustments at halftime and we have been real good at that. That is probably one of our strongest points as a staff. We have other parts of our offense that we will use against certain opponents depending on what kind of defense that they play.

"That depends on the opponent, the defense and what is our best matchup against that defense. Holding is not the right word because you don't hold things. You are trying to win every game, but you do have a certain plan against a certain opponent. You try to put your own players in the best position to win."

So the thought that OU is vanilla and holding things back to not show a Texas or tougher opponents down the road is not correct?

"Oh yeah, we are not trying to be vanilla at all," said Long. "If it appears that way that is because we are trying to keep it simple for certain guys and keep it simple for our quarterbacks, who are new. We are trying to do what they are good at. We would love to, as time goes on, expand their package as they get more comfortable.

"They can't do everything that Jason could do at this point. Jason was a veteran and we could expand that package pretty good with him, but that is a different story right now. We are not saving a trick play for Texas. We had one and just didn't have the right opportunity for it. The defense that they presented at the time, we didn't like it. We are always going to have one or two in and we are certainly not saving it for anybody."


Many of you have gotten on me and the media for the questions we ask of Chuck Long after the game. First of all, you have to realize that I and many in the media don't hold Chuck responsible for the loss. You as fans might, but we don't because the team doesn't.

The OU coaches are good coaches and they have a lot of wins under their belts. If many of you want to be foolish and throw these guys out, then go ahead and I will pick them up and put them in place and beat the coaches that you hire.

We talk to Chuck Long all the time and we have asked him many of the questions that has been posed on the message board sicne the loss. The reason why OU didn't run a spread offense to combat the 11 men in the box is because OU doesn't run a spread offense as their main offense. They do go to empty backs sometimes, but they aren't going to at this time with PT or Rhett, because that is not their strength. OU didn't go to empty backs and a spread offense much with Jason White in there, so why would they do that with two inexperienced guys now?

In case you missed it, I did ask Coach Long last night why he called the same plays for these quarterbacks that he did last year for Jason White? I asked him if it was a frustrating thing from that standpoint.

"It was frustrating because we had guys who were open and we had some guys that we didn't get the ball to," said Long following the game. "We misfired some and that is the frustrating part. I knew we would go through some growing pains at the quarterback position because we have a couple of new guys there. We are just going to have to go back to that drawing board and see which works best for them. I need to see what works best for these guys in the game.

"I found some things out. We had a pretty good feel coming out of camp about our football team and we still feel pretty good about them. What we showed today is not what we are capable of, I will say that. We are capable of better and it is my responsibility as a coaching staff, and it starts with me, to get better as an offense. There is nowhere to go but up, as we have a long year ahead of us."

The only real criticisms that I have of what Coach Long called yesterday was that he didn't call the quarterbacks number enough on legitimate runs, or maybe it just appeared that way.

"I don't now how many times we called their number, but they handed the ball off instead," said Coach Stoops after the game. "We felt that if they would have kept it some of the times that it was open for them."

Stoops is referring to the read option that the quarterbacks now have in place, and Long said that play was called often.

"We called the option where the quarterback reads the end several times, and for the most part the quarterback handed the ball off to the tailback," said Long. "They will watch the film this week and read that better in the future because they had some opportunities to make big plays."

I agree with some of you that OU could have called more boots or quarterback draws, but I also know that this was a first game with the quarterbacks and Coach Long will adapt as he figures out their talents more.


Many of you are bashing an offensive coordinator that is highly respected across the country. I know some of you have tried to debate that, but that is silly considering I have talked to so many different coaches who respect what he does.

I also know that it is easy to bash the coach, but in reality the players play. And if they don't play well, it is not always the coach's fault. I mean, it is not like this coaching staff doesn't know how to put together a game plan. They haven't won a lot of games in the past.

More often than not the players know it is they who should have played better and not the coaches, who should have come up with a better game plan or called a better game.

"Coach Long is a great coach and a very creative one as well," said Heisman Trophy winner Jason White, who was the starter under Long in 2003 and 2004, two years that the Sooners played in the National Championship game. "From a quarterback standpoint, he is cool to work with because he comes up with calls that I believe in as well. I can think of so many times when he would come up with a call or a game plan with certain calls and I was thinking the exact thing. He understood my talents so much and what I could do that he just came up with ways to make our offensive click within the talents that I had."

"The thing that people don't understand is that he has to come up with a game plan and make calls that are best for our team, not just the quarterbacks or an individual," White continued. "Sure, we had players that we tried to get the ball to and he came up with ways to do that, so we took advantage of our strengths. Coach Long and the offensive staff always came up with game plans that were great, and if we would execute them then we were going to score a lot of points.

"I promise in the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Big 12 Championship game it wasn't the coaches fault that we lost, it was ours as players. I know that Coach Stoops and Coach Long always take the blame for our mistakes on offense, but in reality it is the players that screw up. We lost those games, not the coaches. Our coaches are so good at what they do and they are so good at making adjustments at halftime. There was never a game that we weren't ready and didn't have a great game plan to move the ball and score points. If we execute in any of those games we would have won them because the game plan was good."

Now do you folks miss White? Last year, with him under quarterback, the Sooners lead the nation in third down efficiency. Butyesterday the Sooners were 3-of-14.


OU has two intelligent quarterbacks who know what it takes to win, but Thompson said the players just didn't execute.

"We wanted to establish the run," said Thompson. "I had a couple of shots here and there, but as far as reads and everything there weren't too many difficult reads, so that wasn't much of a problem. I made a couple of critical plays in the game and my fumble cost us seven points and momentum. They were firing off the ball better than we were and they were more physical than us."

Coach Stoops said after the game he didn't see the toughness out of his team that was necessary to win.

"That may be true," said Thompson. "We had a few more players lying on the ground than they did. I know we did suffer a couple of serious injuries, but with the others we just had more guys limping around than they did. We need to get tougher mentally and physically, because we can still have a great season."

Bomar knows that losing is never going to be taken lightly at Oklahoma.

"It is tough here at Oklahoma because nobody is used to being 0-1 at a place like this," said Bomar. "I don't know when the last time that OU has been 0-1, but I am gong to guess that it was before Coach Stoops was here. TCU was a team that was good, but we thought they were a team we should beat. We just have to forget about it, learn from it and move on."


The next big problem Saturday was with the offensive line. The OL had a disappointing night, and that was surprising because OU offensive line coach Kevin Wilson was very high on this group going in. Now, it is back to the drawing board.

"I am going to have to take a great look at me," said Wilson Sunday from his office. "I think you talk about leadership from seniors and all that deal, but sometimes it needs to start with me. I think we will be looking real hard at us as an offensive staff, and I think our offensive players will be looking hard at us on how we respond and how we react.

"I think we need to move in a very positive way, but I think there are some issues and we need to get directed too. I need to get us competing in the way we expect us to compete. I believe that we have the talent and the players to play that way. We will see."

Before the season started, Wilson was pretty optimistic about the unit, and then Akim Millington quit the team in the middle of the week. So did his departure screw up the dynamics of the offensive line.

"I don't think that had anything to do with yesterday's performance," said Wilson. "Just in general, the thing to me is that we are doing some things to read some defensive ends and we can allow a defensive end to say at home and play the quarterback, which makes us hand it off and set up some good run plays. Yet we are getting no movement and getting minus one's, minus two's, zero and one yards, and then taking some shots that we don't hit. Then we are running the ball and getting negative one, plus one or whatever it is and then we are on our way to third and long."

Can we expect to see some changes in the offensive line this week?

"Yeah, I can say. But to say definitely what they are going to, be I don't know tonight," said Long. "I have some cards are dealt that we have to play, but I was disappointed in a couple of performances, in particular all three of our inside guys who are three seniors. Chris Bush, Chris Chester and Kelvin Chaisson are seniors who didn't play very well. Jon Cooper played just a few plays, J.D. Quinn played a little. Chester can play center or guard, so we are going to compete pretty hard this week there. Davin was OK, but he was a guy who had a critical mistake leading to a sack that gave up points. Chris Messner actually did a fine job, especially considering the situation that we had there at right tackle. We need to play much better with those three inside guys."

"I am just disappointed that whatever we did in our preparation didn't show with a whole lot of attitude on the field," Wilson continued. "It didn't produce a lot more physical play in the opening game. I said a couple of times that I was looking forward to playing a group that was more athletic that is working hard, and I anticipated some good play. However, we didn't do much right and didn't play well in the first game."

It was through the inside three position where most of the TCU defensive penetration came from, which hurt the Sooner running game and kept the quarterbacks on the run in the pocket.

Joseph is a captain and he knows what it is going to take to get the offensive line to playing championship-caliber football.

"You can talk about guys missing tough assignments or shuffling around in the offensive line, and that does effect us a little bit," said Joseph. "Things are really simple as an offensive linemen because your job is to dominate the guy in front of you. Whether you line up with your left hand down or your right hand down, you have to dominate the guy in front of you. That is plan and simple, and we didn't do that today. On a lot of the combos we weren't working together very well, and plain and simple we weren't effective with it."

That doesn't sound like a coaching mistake does it?

"I just think a lot of guys have to step up and we have to stay together," said Joseph. "The first thing you don't want to do is go our own separate ways. We can't blame each other for losing. Everybody has to be responsible for what they do. We have to stay together and guys have to step. Going into Sunday or Monday, I don't know how things are going to shake out, but we are going to have to make us better. Everybody is going to have to do what they can do to make our offensive line and our team better."


Defensively, the Sooners played pretty well, but Brent Venables felt they could have played better.

"We made some real critical mistakes at critical times and they capitalized on them," said Venables from his office on Sunday. "We had some opportunities to get off the field and keep them out of the end zone. We just have to get our players to get better aware of certain situations and get our players playing better.

"You can attribute a number of things to our loss, but when it is all said and done we weren't good enough to get it done. That is discouraging, but at the same time we were not lacking for players. We still feel that there is a sense of doubt in their own ability and they played hard. I have watched the film three times and our guys are playing hard. The mistakes that were made are going to happen once in a while, and we had some mental mistakes that cost us.

"The one on the reverse wasn't for a lack of effort. That is what is encouraging. There are a lot of things that you can build on. We are not going to sit around and dwell on the negatives, but you have to use the situation as a tool to get better."

Expectations are always high for the Sooners and that is why when they lose a game they are not supposed to lose, that so many people get up in arms. However, the Sooners don't pay attention to rankings because they have their own expectations.

"I don't know what a fair ranking is at this point," said Venables. "Those ranking come out every year and we have been picked high and we have been picked low. I have coached at places where you are not on the radar screen at all and you kick everybody's teeth in that you play. It doesn't really matter where you ranked.

"I don't care what other people's expectations are because they don't help us win or lose. You have to stick to things that you stand for as a program and the things that have put us in a position where we are now. We have to continue to do those things that helped develop those expectations and created those expectations. All those things that Bob talked today about being accountable, being tough, being disciplined, and playing hard are what is important for each player on this team.

"When it is all said and done it is one game at a time, and no one game is going to break our season. Obviously, we didn't perform like we needed to, or like we are capable of, and we have some work to do."


Coach Stoops was asked if there was any change in the status of Akim Millington tonight.

"No, not as far as I am concerned," said Stoops. "I said I would address that after this game and he has not approached me so I assume he has still quit the football team. I have nothing more to say about it."

Bottom line is that OU needs to block, tackle and make plays to start playing better. Contrary to what most of you believe, their offensive scheme is fine, the defensive scheme is fine and the coaches know what they are doing.

The players need to execute better, and if they don't then the coaches will find some other players who do until they run out of players on this current them. And then they will go get some more for next year.

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