RECRUITING: Five-star OL checks out Norman

Forestville, Md. five-star OL Antonio Logan-El talks about his official visit to Norman.

Antonio Logan-El, OL, 6-5, 310, 5.2, FORESTVILLE, MARYLAND:

JH: What did you think of your visit to OU this weekend?

AL: "My visit was real deep. I got a chance to learn a lot about Oklahoma. Everybody showed me a good time. I got to learn about their academics and I got a chance to learn everything about their football program. Everybody treated me great and I had a good time."

JH: What did you learn about OU that maybe you didn't know before?

AL: "I didn't know their academics were so high. I knew they had good academics, but not as good as they really have. They really care about academics. The opportunity for me at Oklahoma is just so good."

JH: What did you think of the game atmosphere and the game itself?

AL: "The whole game, atmosphere and fans really impressed me. Their fans stuck in there to the end of the game. They really did show me a lot."

JH: I am sure you watched the offensive line, so what was your take on how you might fit into their offensive line in the future?

AL: "I did look at the offensive line and the depth chart. I look at their schemes and how to block, and I feel I do have a chance to play early. That was stressed to me and I left it at that."

JH: Did the visit enhance the Sooners' chances to sign you?

AL: "Yeah, it did. They did improve their chances to sign me. Now that I have gone to the college and seen what they do have to offer, they did improve their chances."

JH: How does recruiting shape up with you at the moment?

AL: "As the future goes recruiting is going to calm down a little bit. Because of my schedule, that will be the only visit I take during the season."

JH: How do you look at the schools that are still recruiting you?

AL: "I still look at all of them the same way. With Oklahoma I have had a chance to visit them they have a better chance to sign me. That visit can go a long way."

JH: What schools are still involved with you? And do you have a favorite right now?

AL: "There are six schools still involved at this point: Maryland, Penn State, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Florida. My favorite right now would be Oklahoma because that is the school that I have visited thus far. That could change when I visit other schools, but right now that is the only thing I have to go on."

JH: Is distance a factor at all with you signing with OU?

AL: "No, it really wasn't because I have traveled the same way before. Most of the schools I am interested in are a two or three hour drive for me, but what is the difference in a two or hour drive or a two to three hour flight? Distance isn't really a factor."

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