Stoops says Bomar will start against Tulsa

OU head coach Bob Stoops talked about the decision to start Rhett Bomar (pictured above) against Tulsa after Monday's practice.

After practice today, Bob Stoops announced that he was making a change at quarterback. See below for excerpts from his post-practice meeting with the media.

"We are going to give Rhett Bomar an opportunity to start and see where he takes it," said Stoops following practice. "By no means am I saying that Paul Thompson is responsible for the way the team played Saturday. We played as a team Saturday and that is not the case. We had a lot of guys, mostly older guys that played as poor as I have seen them play, and I have watched them play for quite a while. We also need to coach better, so I am not sitting here blaming him. That is not the case, but Rhett deserves an opportunity to have the opportunity that Paul had and see what he can do with it. That is the direction they are going to go and work from there."

Does that mean that Paul will also get into the game on Saturday as the backup much like Rhett did as the backup against TCU?

"I am not going into all," said Stoops. "Right now that is what we are starting with and we will see what happens and how he (Bomar) does in the game. Then we will go from there."

Is this a case of you just want to give Rhett more of a chance since he didn't get much of a chance against TCU?

"Well, he only threw five balls and he didn't have nearly the number of snaps in preparation coming into the game," said Stoops. "So, we will see. At this point he has had the fewest number of snaps overall when you look at his amount of time here, and he has been that close all along. We feel maybe given more opportunity, more snaps, that maybe he will do more with it. We will see."

Did you like the attitude of today's practice any better?

"Yeah, I feel the guys didn't come out and mope too long," said Stoops. "They came out and worked, but that is practice. We had a strong tempo and tried to be more physical. Guys practiced well and we will see where it takes us."

Did you send a message in that vain to some of the younger guys about playing harder?

"I don't know if it was younger guys or older guys," said Stoops. "I didn't see the other day that the younger guys were the biggest problem. It is everybody — all of us together as a team — need to be prepared better and be better at what we do and hope we play better."

Are you concerned how this will effect Paul and his confidence level?

"I let him know in no uncertain terms that it wasn't his fault," said Stoops. "He did some things that he could have done better, but he had a lot of people around him that didn't step up and perform the way that I think they are capable. In the end, he wasn't supported very well either."

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