Hoops Recruiting: Muonelo says three stand out

Edmond, Okla. star Obi Muonelo talks about his recent trip to Norman, his current top three and the main factors in his decision. Muonelo is currently ranked No. 32 on the Scout.com Top 100 for the 2006 class.


JH: How did your unofficial visit go to OU this weekend?

OM: "I went pretty well. I talked to Coach Sampson and we had a pretty good talk. My brother Ike was with me as well."

JH: What do you and Coach Sampson talk about when you two get together?

OM: "We talk just about everything. Mostly we talk basketball to Major League Baseball to whatever. Coach Sampson is a great guy and Coach (Bob) Hoffman is a great guy. We talk about everything."

JH: You have been to OU so many times so did you actually learn something new on this visit?

OM: "Yeah, I always learn something about Norman. I learned how the town reacts to a football loss. Man, that was crazy. I always learn something new about some of the guys or the town, college or something."

JH: So what is the latest in recruiting? What are your latest thoughts?

OM: "It is still wide open man. I really can't say what I want to do right now. It is really OSU, Kansas and OU. They are all great. You can throw all of them up in a huge ball and you can't find anything negative about any of them."

JH: What is going to be the key element that gives one of these three schools the winning edge?

OM: "It is going to end up being the guys at the school. I think it is going to be the players that I am going to be playing with. I think that is what it is going to be down to."

JH: Is it more important to hang with teammates that can play and win championships or guys that you like and just like to hang with?

OM: "I am looking for guys that want to win. I am not looking at personality yet, but I want to find teammates that want to win. Sure, at some point I am going to want to find guys that I can go hang with, but most important I need to find guys that can go win with."

JH: How is your off-season going?

OM: "I am working out hard. I really want to win another state championship. One state title is not enough for me. I want to win for my guys. What is important for me is my guys. We are brothers and that is what makes basketball so good."

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